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• 12/5/2018

Patrice Lumumba

I really wish Patrice Lumumba was a alt leader for Kongo because of his achievements in the independence of Kongo against Belgium, he also defended solidarity between african people. He could be focused in the later eras like Modern and Atomic since african civs in general don't have bonuses for later eras. If you want to see his Wikipedia page and learn more about him:

Patrice Lumumba - Wikipedia
Patrice Lumumba - Wikipedia
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• 11/24/2018

What do you think

What do you think is the beast civ in civ 5 brave new world is
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• 11/22/2018


Would it be cool if you can created your own civ with its own affect, but with other civs unice units (it would be harder creating you own)
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• 11/2/2018

Build order, civics and tech researcher ideas for the first 50 or so turns

Not sure if anyone will actually read this or not, but I’m wonder what others do for their first 50 turns in terms of what they build and research as far as Civics and Tech goes?
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• 10/14/2018

New stuff added ideas?

Like trebuchets
Vilages (owned)
Make walles more important
Special unit trees other than melee. Anti calvary. Light/heavy calvary and bombard
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• 8/25/2018

Hello i am UA1

I am UnknownAnonymous1, i am new to this wiki.
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• 8/18/2018


My name Tim. I am playing Civilization V. Sorry for English, I'm just russian.
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• 8/3/2018


Soo... is this place dead?
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• 7/23/2018

Civ 6 Damage formula

Hey folks. For quite some time I've been confused about how damage is calculated in Civilization 6, so I've made some research and decided to add this info to Combat article. I hope it sheds some light on it for you fellas:
Combat (Civ6)
Combat (Civ6) Civilization Wiki
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• 7/9/2018

Stranger Things Theme Rant

So today I was working on an assortment of surreal poems and listening to Phillip Glass a late 20th century composer one of the greats. One of his Glasswork compositions sounded almost identical to the iconic theme to the Stranger Things soundtrack. I used to think the theme was very original, but now I realized it’s really a ripoff.
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• 6/23/2018

Do you think it's a good idea to make your own board "Civilization"?

Yes, there have already been enough board games "Civilizations": the game of 1980 "Advanced Civilization", the game of 2002 "Civilization" based on the third part, the card "Civilization" 2007 (?) Year on the grounds of the 4th part, 2010 game based on the "Civilization Revolution" (and not the fifth part as many think) and, finally, "Civilization: New Dawn" in 2017, based on the 6th part.
However, in my opinion, they either cut the game too much or not so interesting. Advanced Civilization affects only the ancient period of time, the game of 2002 is very cumbersome and old-fashioned, the version of 2016 has, in my opinion, the most disgusting and uninteresting battle system, there is almost no war. Of all this, the 2010 version is the most popular, but it also has drawbacks: very few, no, VERY FEW water tiles, a very small number of technologies, especially modern ones (although there should be more), and some details (for example , the ability to trade with an opponent, even without meeting him on the card).
About the version of 2007 I heard little, and few people played it (at least in my city).
I just thought: can create a new board Civ? Where everything will be, for which we love it: a realistic map, historical events, a vast expanse and choice of development.
The main thing that I would emphasize: historicity, namely, the historicity of the development of nations (for example, in the Middle Ages all will benefit from taking feudalism and building more colonies in the Colonial era), rather than individual events such as the victory over the Invincible Armada in England, Kulikovo battle in Russia or the construction of the Taj Mahal in Agra.
What do you think? Is it worth it?
P.S.In the photo version of the game in 2010.
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• 4/17/2018

Civ6: Proposed Tweak to Engineers & Builders

So here's the first tweak, which applies to Military Engineers and builders: the ability to clear artifacts, luxury resources, and strategic resources from tiles owned by the player. The appearance of certain "resources" (artifacts in particular) tends to ruin my city planning several times a game. Removing these features would allow the player to reclaim tiles that were vital to their plans.

The second tweak is to the Military Engineer. Their abilities are versatile, but their road-building function is all but pointless. Building a tile of road consumes one of their two charges, and since their speed is only 2, it takes an army of engineers and an enormous amount of time to build a useful road. This doesn't strike me as logical, since traders (which are available way earlier, offer loads of other benefits, and don't have a -4 gold upkeep cost) can build roads more quickly and for free.

My suggestion is increase the movement speed of the Engineer to 4, and remove the charge cost. This allows engineers to be used more strategically, and also fits the flavour of the Military Engineer (since Traders won't go to cities you're at war with, Military Engineers would be able to help your military by letting your units reach the front line faster). If this is too much of a buff, perhaps the Engineer could lose one of its two charges, since the unit would have more versatility.
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• 4/15/2018

Civ6 Resource Icons - Square or hexagonal?

So the images for resource icons in Civ6 are all hexagonal:

Where are people finding those hexagonal images in-game? All I can find are the square(ish) icons that are used on the map and in Civilopedia:
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• 4/11/2018

Videos on Civ VI Wiki pages.

I like the videos as much as the next guy but with a slightly slower internet access I tend to see some loading delay issues when I'm just looking for a quick fact or two. Perhaps the videos should be on a separate gallery page?

It's just a thought. I generally don't have problems even with my so-so internet speeds but I know that a LOT of people have even slower speed than I do.
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• 4/10/2018

Rifling & Replaceable Parts tech pages (CIV6)

The tech pages for Rifling & Replaceable Parts are not displaying the correct era on images.
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• 3/7/2018

Millitary Tactics tehnology is underatted and weak. Adding Trebuchets?

Do you also think that the tehnology Millitary Tactics is underatted? The tehnology itself gives Hey Teotically and Spearman. Because of the place it has in the tech tree, I end up not getting the tehnology itself. If I don't have Iron I will look forward to take crossbows and garrison them for defence and maybe some horsemen (if I get Horses). Very rarely I produce pikemen in cause to counter midieval cavarly. The wonder it gives I don't really like it personally (but if I can build it, I will). The reason is because I don't come across with lakes in my empires. I prefer rivers for defence and the +2 gold for Comercial Districts. I take the technology only when I must take it for my UU, like Japanesse having the Samurai, or when it cost only 1 turn and I am just like em... 1 turn who gives a f... I have some ideas to improve the tech. 1) Maybe the tech should be moved before Millitary Engineering or Education, so you must take the tehnology to advance through the ages. Making Midieval Era longer 2) If we should not move the place of the tech, maybe we should add something there so players will think to get the technology because it will be good. What will this thing be? Well... I have the answer. Trebuchets. Having so big gap in the artillery line between catapult and bombard is extremly annoying. Especially when you reveal Niter and see that you have none and nobody trades you Niter and stuck with catapult until Artillery. Khmer Siege Elephants for example are the thing we are missing. Adding Trebuchets in the Millitary Tactics I think it is the best solution. We will get the siege unit we miss (I mean Trebuchets) with the bombard strength of 45 (Catapult has 35 and Bombard has 55, Khmer Siege Elephants have 45) and the Millitary Tactics tehnology will get buffed. The Khmers will get the advantage of moving and firing and excert ZOC. They will also change place in the tech tree to replace Trebuchets in the Millitary Tactics Tehnology. Do you research the Millitary Tactics? How often? Why do you? For the unit or for the Wonder? What do you think of the suggested idea of mine? I will be glad to disguise with you.
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• 3/5/2018

What do you all hope the next civ 6 dlc is going to be?

All I can say is I'm hoping for a scenario involving nukes :)
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• 3/2/2018

What are the best Civilization game?

I'm wondering, what do you think: which is the best Civ in the history of the series? My rating is this:
EXTRA - Civ1
1-Civ4 (so many types of strategy, new 3d graphic and so many new things. One bad: tactic part)
2-Civ6 (Tries to be a fusion of Civ5 and Civ6. Very cool.)
3-Civ5 (The complete opposite of Civ4. Not bad, but you can and better.)
4-CivBE (The theme of the space? Wow, great, only the coolest add not to the addon, but immediately.)
5-Civ3 (Uh... Nostalgia... I love you Civ3. But still "Stack of Doom" must be removed.)
6-Civ4Col (It's nice to remember the old ideas, but so lazy with the graphics, what to take from another game of it. Genius.)
(CivCTP and CTP2)*
7-Civ2 (What's new? Isometrics and new leaders? Nice.)
8-CivRev (Why not? Civ for children from 3 years is the best choice.)
9-CivRev2 (What's new? Has the price increased? Oh, thanks.)
(World of Civilization)***
10-CivWorld (Remember. Love. Grieve. The best "Farm Frenzy" for "Facebook")

There are non-official Civilization games, that were in rating:
* Civilization: Call to Power games - stillborn "nephews" of Civ2
**Freeciv - project of Civ1's and Civ2's fans
***World of Civilization - project of Civ5's fan in GooglePlay
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• 3/1/2018

Bot Account

I am thinking about starting a bot account. I would like to change the nav template BeyondEarthContentsNav to CivBE to be consistant with the other nav templates. I have used autowikibrowser with wikipedia already.
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• 2/27/2018


In the first place, this is the first civilization I played in
In the second game, a double on 1 computer is better
In the third, good graphics
In the fourth, the characters are better able
Here are my arguments
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