Abraham Lincoln was a leader of the American civilization from 1860 to 1865 he served his term as president for 5 years instead of 4 or 8 because he was reelected and then assassinated. He is best known for defeating a short-lived civilization known as the Confederate States of America.


He serves as president during a civil war in the United States which is a nation state that the Americans founded. There is no playable unit for him so you can't play as him. He is only the name of your leader in this scenario and if the computer picked a female then the leader was Nancy Hanks or Eleanor Roosevelt. She is leader but only in the late game around turn 1000 during Nazi Germany which is a different pickable player in this campaign than Germans. Germans are led by Bismarck and Nazi German civilization is run by Adolf Hitler. But if the computer picked a male for the Americans then Lincoln is your guy that runs the American civilization.

Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln's voice can be heard while playing the game on 2 occasions if you build the Emancipation Act Wonder or if you win the game with a diplomatic victory. His words are "and shall ever henceforth be free." He says these words while you see the images of a black American slave ripping off his own chains and then beginning to stand upright. It is a very powerful thought to the end of a very long game. Especially if you win this victory by virtue or if you see this victory the traditional way if your playing as the French during Activision's World War II scenario which is a DLC from The French can achieve the diplomatic victory only if they dominate Nazi German civilization. The scenario is also known as the western front campaign due to the global WW2 scenario being released in 2009.

Research Selection WW2 Global mod (CTP2)

This is the Research Selection Screen during the time when Abraham Lincoln was president in year 1861 during the American Civil War. Right now they have Infantrymen which is basically the musketeer unit from CTP1.