Academy (Civ5)

Great people improvement


Great scientist (Civ5) Great scientist



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Game InfoEdit

Great tile improvement. Constructed by a Great Scientist.

  • Effect:
    • Connects any strategic resource on the tile
    • +8 20xScience5 Science
    • +2 additional 20xScience5 Science after researching Scientific theory
    • +2 additional 20xScience5 Science after researching Atomic theory
    • +4 additional 20xScience5 Science with New Deal Freedom tenet

Historical InfoEdit

An academy is an institution where children can get an advanced lower (that is, pre-college) education. Academies come in all flavors - military, religious, government, and the like. Some are private, open only to the children of wealth or power or influence, while others are open to all children who meet their strict requirements. England's Eton College is one of the most famous academies in the world, taking in England's best and brightest boys between the ages of 13 and 18 since 1440.