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Agamemnon is a Great Person in Civilization Revolution.


  • Type of Great Person: Great Leader
  • Tech Required: Iron Working


Give your units that extra muscle with a Great Leader! Any new unit created in one of your cities that contains a settled Great Leader will automatically become a Veteran. Or you may expend your Great Leader to instantly upgrade all the units to Veteran status.


Agamemnon was a semi-mythical character in Greek literature. The king of either Mycenae or of Argos (depending upon which account you read), Agamemnon was the leader of the Greek forces during the siege of Troy. Although a brave warrior and distinguished leader, Agamemnon was also arrogant and haughty. His insults to the mighty Achilles caused that moody hero to withdraw from the field of battle, which almost resulted in total destruction of the Greek forces at the hands of the Trojan army.

Fun FactsEdit

Agamemnon, while a sage tactician, was not such a swell husband. He sacrificed his only daughter to the goddess Artemis and upon his return from Troy, he brought with him a concubine. Both these actions deeply enraged his wife, Clytemnestra: she murdered him for his betrayal of his family.

The "Mask of Agamemnon" was discovered in 1876 by German archaeologists on the island of Mycenae. Originally believed to be the burial mask of the famed Mycenaean king, later research suggests the mask itself predates Agamemnon. Despite this, the name remains.