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An agenda is an aspect of an AI leader in Civilization VI that governs his or her behavior. Leaders' agendas have a strong influence on how they play the game and interact with the other players.

Each AI leader in the game has two distinct agendas: one is "open" and known from the beginning; the other is "hidden" and can only be discovered through espionage. As a rule, AI leaders will be friendlier toward players who respect their agendas and more hostile toward players who ignore or defy them.

Open Agendas Edit

  • Catherine de Medici
    • Black Queen: Gains as many spies and as much diplomatic access as possible. Dislikes civilizations that ignore these espionage activities.
  • Cleopatra
    • Queen of the Nile: Likes civilizations with a powerful military. Dislikes civilizations with a weak military.
  • Frederick Barbarossa
    • Iron Crown: Wants to conquer city-states. Dislikes civilizations that associate with city-states.
  • Gandhi
    • Peacekeeper: Strays away from warmongering. Dislikes warmongers.
  • Gilgamesh
    • Ally of Enkidu: Likes civilizations who are willing to form a long-term alliance. Dislikes anyone denouncing or attacking his friends and allies.
  • Harald Hardrada
    • Last Viking King: Likes leaders with strong navies. Dislikes leaders who neglect their navies.
  • Hojo Tokimune
    • Bushido: Likes civilizations that have a strong military and Civ6 24x faith Faith and Civ6 24x culture Culture output. Dislikes civilizations that are strong in military but weak in Civ6 24x faith Faith and Civ6 24x culture Culture output.
  • Montezuma
    • Tlatoani: Likes civilizations who have the same luxury resources as he does, and will try to collect every luxury resource available. Dislikes civilizations who have a luxury resource he has not yet collected.
  • Mvemba a Nzinga
    • Enthusiastic Disciple: Likes civilizations that bring Religion to the Kongo. Dislikes civilizations that have founded a Religion but not brought it to a Kongolese city.
  • Pedro II
    • Patron of the Arts: Dislikes civilizations which compete with him for Great People, and likes those with weaker Great Person recruitment efforts.
  • Pericles
    • Delian League: Likes civilizations that aren't competing for the same city-state allegiance. Dislikes civilizations that are directly competing for city-state allegiance.
  • Peter
    • Westernizer: Likes civilizations that are ahead of him in Science and Culture. Dislikes civilizations that are lagging in Science and Culture. 
  • Philip II
    • Defender of the Faith: Wants all of his cities to follow the same religion. Likes civilizations that follow his religion; dislikes civilizations that spread other religions to his cities.
  • Qin Shi Huang
    • Wall of 10,000 Li: Desires building wonders. Dislikes civilizations who have more wonders than he does.
  • Saladin
    • Ayyubid Dynasty: Likes civilizations with his worship building.Dislikes civilizations following other religion or civilizations waging war on followers of his religion
  • Theodore Roosevelt
    • Big Stick Policy: Dislikes wars on his own continent, as well as wars against city-states.
  • Tomyris
    • Backstab Averse: Likes leaders with whom she has made a Declaration of Friendship. Dislikes leaders who backstab or declare Surprise Wars.
  • Trajan
    • Optimus Princepes: Tries to include as much territory as possible to his empire. Does not like civilizations which control little territory.
  • Victoria
    • Sun Never Sets: Desires expansion to all continents. Likes civilizations who share her home continent. Dislikes civilizations on continents where there are no English cities.

Hidden Agendas Edit

  • City-State Ally: Likes civilizations that aren't competing for the same city-state allegiance. Dislikes civilizations that are directly competing for city-state allegiance.
  • City-State Protector: Emphasizes protectorate wars. Admires civilizations that start protectorate wars. Dislikes civilizations that attack city-states.
  • Civilized: Hates barbarians. Likes civilizations that clear out barbarian outposts. Does not like civilizations that ignore barbarian outposts.
  • Darwinist: Believes in survival of the fittest. Likes civilizations that are at war.
  • Devout: Tries to build up Civ6 24x faith Faith, and likes civilizations that also focus on Civ6 24x faith Faith.
  • Environmentalist: Builds National Parks, doesn't clear features, plants forests. Likes civilizations that plant forests or found National Parks. Dislikes civilizations that clear features.
  • Exploitative: Clears all features and improves all possible tiles. Likes civilizations with a high percentage of improved tiles. Dislikes civilizations with low percentage of improved tiles or that found National Parks.
  • Explorer: Tries to explore the map, and likes civilizations that have explored less of the map than itself and dislikes civilizations that have explored more of the map than itself.
  • Fun Loving: Tries to make the citizens in each city as happy as possible. Likes civilizations that also develop in this fashion.
  • Money Grubber: Tries to have the highest possible Civ6 30x gold Gold per turn income. Respects other high income civilizations.
  • Nuke Happy: Will build and use nuclear weapons. Likes other civs that amass nuclear weapons for warfare.
  • Paranoid: Likes civilizations who pose no threat. Dislikes civilizations with strong militaries or ones with nearby cities.
  • Populous: Tries to have the highest overall population. Respects other high population civilizations.
  • Standing Army: Always tries to keep a large standing army. Respects other civilizations with large armies.
  • Technophile: Favors Civ6 24x science Science development. Dislikes civs who are behind technologically.
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