The free game C-evo has only one predesigned air unit: the Glider, which reverts to being a ground unit at the end of each flight. All others are designed by the player. Even the most primitive require Science; interestingly, even the most advanced (using Smart Weapons) do not require Steel.

Air units stop blinking when they reach one of their owner's cities (unless just passing through on a "Go" order), but they can be restarted if they have any movement points remaining.

Like naval units, air units (including gliders) cannot enter but can bombard an unguarded enemy city, reducing it by one population point per movement point expended, but not below a population of 2.

Like other units, an air unit can have a number of weapons modules, a number of armor modules, and a choice of speeds. Other additions are included in "unit features".

Unit features available to air unitsEdit

Unit capacitiesEdit

  • Air transport - carriage of ground units; such air units cannot use carrier ships
  • Armor - maximum four modules
  • Bombs - more power on first strike per flight
  • Fuel - each spare fuel module allows one more turn of movement before return to approved landing tile
  • Weapons - self-explanatory

Special featuresEdit

  • Fanatic - deals more damage when it loses
  • Line Production - half-price units if four or more are built successively at one city
  • Spy Plane - reports on details of cities and unit stacks when immediately adjacent
  • Stealth - invisible to enemies


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