Aircraft Carrier (CTP1)

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Aircraft Carrier
Aircraft Carrier (CTP1)
Attack 8
Ranged Attack 8
Defend 8
Moves 4
Vision 2
Cost 3000
Required technologies


Made obsolete by


Other attributes
  • Transport 5 Small Aircraft

The Aircraft Carrier is a unit in Civilization: Call to Power.

Historical InfoEdit

On August 2nd, 1917, British Commander E. H. Dunning piloted his Sopwith Pup to a safe landing aboard the H.M.S. Furious – the first recorded landing at sea. By World War II, the aircraft carrier dominated the seas. Though the U.S. lost two Battleships at Pearl Harbor, the loss proved inconsequential to the war's outcome. Instead, victory turned on the Battle of Midway, where the Japanese lost four carriers and three hundred and twenty-two planes to the Americans' single sunken carrier.

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