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Alexander G. Bell is a Great Person in Civilization Revolution.

Stats Edit

  • Type of Great Person: Scientist
  • Tech Required: Corporation

Gameplay Edit

Players have an interesting choice before them when a Great Scientist appears in their city: use the Scientist to immediately complete whatever tech they may be researching at the time or have the Scientist settle in their city and provide a substantial bonus to Science production in that city!

History Edit

The Scotsman Alexander Graham Bell (1847 - 1922 AD) is credited with the invention of the telephone. Bell's interest in sound began in his youth: his mother was deaf and his father had developed a system to teach deaf-mutes how to articulate sounds. In 1876 Bell submitted an application for a US patent for a telephone, narrowly beating out other inventors striving to achieve the same goal. By the time of his death the Bell Telephone Company had a virtual monopoly on telephonic service in the United States, and Bell died a very wealthy individual indeed.

Fun Facts Edit

Alexander Graham Bell also invented the metal detector. After James Garfield (the President of the United States at the time) was shot, Bell used the metal detector to attempt to find the bullet lodged within the president's chest.

The first words ever transmitted by telephone were "Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you," spoken by Bell himself.