Amani (Diplomat) (Civ6)
Amani Titles (Civ6)

Amani's titles

Amani, otherwise known as The Diplomat, is one of the Governors introduced in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. She starts with the title of Messenger and can acquire the following additional titles:

While established in a city-state, provides a copy of its Luxury resources to you.
Other cities within 9 tiles and not owned by you gain +2 Loyalty per turn towards your civilization.
Your other cities within 9 tiles gain +2 Loyalty per turn towards your civilization.
+4 Amenities6 Amenities in the city.
While established in a city-state, doubles the number of Envoy6 Envoys you have there.


Skilled in gaining support for your civilization, and spreading its influence to nearby cities. Amani is the only governor that can be given foreign assignment in a city-state.

Unlike all the other Governors, Amani has no hard bonuses towards main statistics such as Civ6Gold Gold, Civ6Food Food, Civ6Production Production, Civ6Science Science, Civ6Culture Culture, or Civ6Faith Faith, only giving Amenities6 Amenities to a city once given the Promoter promotion. Despite this, she is often the first Governor selected by most players, and almost always the first Governor selected by the AI. This is obviously due to her Messenger title where she acts as two Envoy6 Envoys. Civilizations controlled by humans and AI alike find that establishing Amani in one of the first city-states they meet is a great idea because those city-states are unlikely to have met any other major civilization just yet, granting them a free Envoy6 Envoy. Once Amani is established, they will instantly gain Suzerain status of that city-state, which also increases Era Score. However, after this early use of Amani, most players generally do not promote Amani, instead opting for upgrading or obtaining other Governors.

This doesn't make Amani useless, however. Her Emissary promotion can assist in flipping enemy cities to you, so that you may not need to declare war, while Prestige does the opposite. Affluence is not so useful, unless a city-state across the map has many Luxury resources that you do not possess (yet). Promoter is not a promotion many will take, and its only main use is during wartime if a city is undergoing significant war weariness penalties. Finally, Puppeteer is one of the most powerful upgrades any Governor can obtain. By the time most civilizations have gained enough promotions to take this one, the most contested city-states can have upwards of 10 Envoy6 Envoys. Doubling the amount of Envoy6 Envoys you have in a city-state will almost always grant you the suzerain status, such that your suzerain status will almost never be removed unless another civilization places their Amani, also with the Puppeteer promotion, into the same city-state.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Diplomats are representatives of their people to other parts of the world, and are one of the most ancient and respected roles of service to the state. Diplomats are traditionally accorded privilege and respect, and in turn the diplomat shows both politesse and courtesy to her host.