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Amenities6 Amenities is a mechanic in Civilization VI that represents the contentment of an empire's population, similar to the 20xHappiness5 Happiness mechanic in Civilization V. However, unlike in Civilization V, Amenities6 Amenities are determined on a per-city basis, rather than globally (similar to Civilization IV).

Amenities Mechanics Edit

Lack of Amenities causes rebellion (Civ6)

Lack of Amenities has spawned hostile units

Each city in your empire enjoys a certain number of Amenities6 Amenities. These can be positive (increasing the population's happiness) or negative (decreasing it); however, the presence of negative Amenities6 Amenities is quite rare, as shown below—a much more common situation is that your cities simply do not have enough Amenities6 Amenities to meet their quota. Regardless, the balance between positive and negative Amenities6 Amenities gives the current Amenities6 Amenities level of each city, which is then compared to the current level needed to keep its citizens happy.

Every city requires a minimum number of Amenities6 Amenities to be content. This number is determined by the city's Citizen6 Population. The first 2 Citizen6 Citizens of any given city do not require any Amenities6 Amenities. The third Citizen6 Citizen will require 1 Amenities6 Amenity, and beyond this point every additional 2 Citizen6 Citizens increase the number of Amenities6 Amenities required for the city to be content by 1. For example, a city with a Citizen6 Population of 5 or 6 will require 2 Amenities6 Amenities to be Content, while a city with a Citizen6 Population of 11 or 12 will require 5.

If a city has the exact number of Amenities6 Amenities it requires, its Citizens are Content, and there are no bonuses or penalties conferred with this level of contentment. Otherwise, the effects are as follows:

  • Ecstatic: If a city has at least 3 more Amenities6 Amenities than required, the city is Ecstatic. All of the city's non-food yields increase by +10%, and its Population growth increases by +20%.
  • Happy: If a city has 1-2 Amenities6 Amenities more than required, the city is Happy. All non-food yields increase by 5%, while Population growth increases by +10%.
  • Displeased: If a city has 1-2 Amenities6 Amenities less than required, the city is Displeased. All non-food yields by the city decrease by -5%, and its Population growth decreases by -10%.
  • Unrest: If a city has at least 3 fewer Amenities6 Amenities than required, the city is facing Unrest. Apart from further penalties to Population growth and non-food yields, Rebel units will begin to appear inside of the city's territory. Similar to Civilization V: Brave New World, these units will pillage and attack your city.

Positive Sources of Amenities Edit

These will increase the current number of Amenities6 Amenities inside of your cities:

Luxury Resources Edit

As in all Civilization games, Luxury Resources are one of the main sources of contentment for your people. However, the system has been reworked substantially in Civilization VI, and Luxury Resources no longer affect your entire empire. Each unique Luxury Resource now provides +1 Amenities6 Amenity to up to 4 cities (or 6, in some special cases). Multiple copies of any given Luxury Resource do not affect more cities, so feel free to trade away extra Luxuries for unique Luxuries your civilization does not have access to.

Luxury Resource Amenities Source
Cinnamon 6 Zanzibar (City-State)
Citrus 4 Plantation
Cloves 6 Zanzibar (City-State)
Cocoa 4 Plantation
Coffee 4 Plantation
Cosmetics 4 Helena Rubinstein (Great Person)
Cotton 4 Plantation
Diamonds 4 Mine
Dyes 4 Plantation
Furs 4 Camp
Gypsum 4 Quarry
Incense 4 Plantation
Ivory 4 Camp
Jade 4 Mine
Jeans 4 Levi Strauss (Great Person)
Marble 4 Quarry
Mercury 4 Mine
Pearls 4 Fishing
Perfume 6 Estée Lauder (Great Person)
Salt 4 Mine
Silk 4 Plantation
Silver 4 Mine
Spices 4 Plantation
Sugar 4 Plantation
Tea 4 Plantation
Tobacco 4 Plantation
Toys 4 John Spilsbury (Great Person)
Truffles 4 Camp
Whales 4 Fishing
Wine 4 Plantation

Entertainment Edit

The second most widespread source of Amenities6 Amenities is Entertainment, made possible by an Entertainment Complex district and its buildings. Note that for basic buildings the effect is merely local (i.e., will supply Amenities6 Amenities only to its parent city), while the more advanced buildings will spread their effect to all cities whose City Center is located up to 6 tiles from the buildings' Entertainment Complex. The mechanics are similar to the regional effects of Industrial Zone advanced buildings, so you can use the same logic here.

The Entertainment Complex provides an initial +1 Amenities6 Amenity, while its buildings, the Arena, Zoo, and Stadium, provide +1, +1, and +2 Amenities6 Amenities respectively.

Wonders Edit

Apart from the Entertainment Complex and Luxury resources, some Wonders also supply Amenities6 Amenities:

Civics Edit

Another frequent source of positive Amenities6 Amenities are Social Policies (more precisely, the relevant Policy Cards activated in your current Government Agenda). Most of these act only for bigger cities — that is, those which have more than a certain number of Districts.

Great People Edit

Although there isn't a specific type of Great Person dedicated to providing Happiness to your people, some specific Great People have the power to permanently increase Amenities6 Amenities in a city, when Retired in it.

Religion Edit

There are many Religious Beliefs which provide Amenities6 Amenities to the cities who follow their Religion. Note that they will only act if the city is actually following the Religion at the moment.

National Parks Edit

National Parks are a special type of late-game improvement whose secondary effect increases Amenities6 Amenities. When established by Naturalists, they will provide +2 Amenities6 Amenities to the city on which territory they are, and +1 Amenities6 Amenity to the three closest cities besides this one.

Negative Sources of Amenities Edit

These decrease the current Amenity Balance in your cities:

War weariness Edit

When your nation has been at war for too long, your citizens become tired of warmongering (just like other nations' leaders). This is manifested as certain amount of negative Amenities6 Amenities, which appear in cities closest to the battlefront(s). The amount will increase the longer you remain at war (verification needed).

Bankruptcy Edit

Whenever your treasury reaches 0, and you have a negative Civ6Gold Gold flow, your citizens will become discontented. This is again manifested by certain amount of negative Amenities6 Amenities, namely, -1 per each 10 Civ6Gold Gold negative flow you have.

Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Everything is Awesome!!! (Civ6)
Everything is Awesome!!!
At the start of the turn have an Ecstatic city.
A reference to the song of the same name from The Lego Movie.
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