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Anarchy is not so much a system of government as the lack of one. Your civilization can sink into anarchy if the government falls from prolonged civil disorder, or if you sanction a revolution. Anarchy seldom lasts longer than a few turns. But during that period corruption and waste are so high that no production occurs and no taxes are collected; scientific research comes to halt, as well. There is no improvement maintenance when a civilization is in Anarchy.


Advance required: None

Corruption and Waste: Catastrophic

Worker Efficiency: 50%

Draft Limit: 0

Military Police Limit: 0

Hurry Production: None

War Weariness: None

- Free Units per -

Town: 0

City: 0

Metropolis: 0

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Change of rule in cultures are often periods of unrest, but when the very framework for government is transformed it almost always results in a period of anarchy. The massive political and social upheaval experienced by the culture during a period of anarchy brings commerce and production to a standstill as cities rise up and government organizations try to restructure. Despite the fact that corruption and waste are absolute, there is a positive side to anarchy-it is temporary. When the smoke clears and the citizens calm down they are ready to embrace a new form of order in your society.

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