Antwerp is a Major Objective city on the World War 2 western front scenario. If you're playing as the Germans you have to take it right after you take Rotterdam, Netherlands. Antwerp is loosely defended with one tank and 3 Belgian infantry and one Anti-air gun. If your playing as the Belgians you should try to sign a cease fire with them while you regroup. It's impossible for you to sign a peace treaty, however. Also after you sign the cease fire after a certain number of turns you could get a sneak attack by the Germans anyway. Antwerp is home to the oldest stock market in Europe. If Antwerp's stock market is blown up before the war that means that the Belgian computer player will mainly try to build that there and in other cities and hoping the Nazi-Germans will honor there cease fire.

Antwerp City (CTP2)

This is the Belgian City of Antwerp. here you see it before the Nazi-German Civilization Attacks.