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Aristotle is a Great Person in Civilization Revolution.


  • Type of Great Person: Great Artist/Thinker
  • Tech Required: University


Charm the hearts of an entire metropolis with the Great Artist/Thinker! You may use them to instantly convert an enemy city to your side or you may have them settle in an existing city to increase all Culture production by 50%.


Aristotle (384 - 322 BC) was one of the most influential of the ancient Greek philosophers. A student of Plato, Aristotle would write books on a myriad of subjects, including philosophy, poetry, history, politics, biology, and ethics. King Philip of Macedon invited Aristotle to tutor his son, Alexander, who would soon be given the title "the great." A brilliant man, Aristotle is rightly considered to be one of the fathers of Western civilization.

Fun FactsEdit

Aristotle is often considered the father of the scientific method, as it was his belief that no conclusions about the world could be made without a solid foundation in reason and logic.

Aristotle, for all his intelligent observations of man and the universe, was a deeply-rooted misogynist. He espoused a number of untrue beliefs about women in his works, including the idea that women naturally had fewer teeth than men.