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Armor is a strong late game unit in Civilization.


Armor units have an attack strength of 10 and a defense strength of 5. This makes it extremely powerful on offense and useful against Riflemen, which it is designed to attack. While its attack is not as strong as that of Artillery (12), the Artillery has low defense (2) and can easily be destroyed by a tank. Tanks may have trouble against Mechanized Infantry due to the latter's high defense (6).


With the demise of the Knight and ascendancy of Riflemen, the defense gained the advantage on the battlefield for many years. It was only with the development of amor, first appearing in World War I, that a weapon was found which could once more be used to punch a hole through enemy field forces. Armor moved quickly and struck with power, while still possessing a fair amount of defensive strength. It was a powerful weapon against any ground unit.

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