Armor (Civ2)
Ground unit
Cost 80
Attack strength 10
Defense strength 5
Hit points 3
Firepower 1
Movement rate 3
Leonardo's Workshop
upgrades to
Requirements Mobile Warfare
Obsolete with Never
Other attributes N/A

s The rise in the use of semi-automatic and automatic firearms in the late 19th and early 20th century led to the demise of horse-mounted cavalry. Attackers lost a significant advantage in both scouting and deployment as a result of the cavalry's vulnerability. It was only with the development of tanks, armored mobile attack vehicles equipped with high caliber guns, that a weapon was found which could once more be used to punch a hole through enemy field forces. First appearing in World War I, armored attack vehicles moved quickly and struck with power, while still possessing an effective defensive strength. Tanks are a powerful weapon against any ground unit.

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