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The Arnorians are a custom civilization in Call to Power II. Their history spanned centuries and had several leaders over that time. Their empire was very large covering a very broad area.
Lake Evendim1b

Lake Evendim where the capital of Arnor once stood.

Lake Evendim2b

Lake Evendim; it is only 2 terrain tiles big in the game.

Notable Cities with CoordinatesEdit

  • Bareketta.....004,028
  • Annuminas...002,031...Early Capital (Ruins by the late third age)
  • Maegoth ......002,029...Later Capital in the early third age
  • Rivendell.......016,036...(Capital of the Elf civilization by third Age calendar)
  • N.Trollshaws..0??,0??.. Borders Rivendell
  • S.Trollshaws..0??,0??..Borders Rivendell
  • Enerond........001,024 (Cannot be built if you are playing the 3 kingdoms Era)
  • Nirmolian......000,035
  • Tarmabar......067,036

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