Artifacts are tiles scattered around the world in Civilization Revolution. They contain hidden units, technologies, and other valuable bonuses.

Finding ArtifactsEdit

Although the artifacts are hidden, they are not invisible and can be easily seen when the fog has been cleared. The artifacts themselves are placed randomly on the map but are usually located in isolated areas and islands. While most are accessible by a Galley, the Lost City of Atlantis is almost always too far from land, requiring Navigation or Steam Power to be reached. (Unlike the other artifacts, which require some kind of ground unit to enter them to be unlocked, Atlantis does not; just having a ship adjacent to it will suffice.)

At the beginning of the game, visiting small, friendly villages is a good idea as in return for your offering of education or herbal medicine, they will quite often tell you of remaining artifacts nearby. This will pop up on your screen as a message from your foreign advisor; The villagers seem to believe that there are at least two hidden artifacts yet to be found, or the location of a "hidden temple" will be revealed (you will briefly see the artifact and its approximate location). The location of an artifact may be indicated through the fog by a humming sound when the location indicator is passed over the spot where the artifact is. Finally, if your civilization is the first to discover Space Flight, the entire map is revealed, including any undiscovered artifacts.

List of ArtifactsEdit

Angkor Wat - Instant Wonder constructed.

Ark of the Covenant - Temples are built in all cities your cities. In cities that already have Temples, Cathedrals are built.

Court of Camelot* - All Horsemen transform into Knights.

Great Sphinx* - Change to any government, even if you have not researched them.

Knights Templar - Powerful and advanced military unit joins you.

Lost City of Atlantis - Immediately grants the player with new technology, usually the first four on their list.

Pharaoh's Needles* - Instant advance technology.

School of Confucius - Grants several great people.

Seven Cities of Gold - Impressive treasury boost.

Terracotta Army* - All units receive Scout upgrade.

Tesla' Peace Ray* - All wars immediately end.

Tower of Babel* - All civilizations on the map come into contact.

* Downloadable Content