Artillery (Civ3)

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Artillery (Civ3)
Technology required Replaceable Parts
Resource required None
Shield (Civ3) cost 80
Attack/Defense 0/0
Moves 1
Bombard 12
Range 2
Rate of fire 2
Upgrades to Radar Artillery


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The first long range unit, Artillery can bombard targets two squares distant. Artillery has no attack or defense value, so they should be protected by an escort.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Artillery is a general term covering several varieties of large-caliber weapons including mortars and field guns. Mortars fire an explosive projectile in a high arc, and are particularly effective against small, concealed targets. Field guns, long-range weapons that fire their projectiles in a flat arc, are used primarily for their ability to penetrate hard targets. Powerful enough to batter opposing forces even behind the strongest fortifications, artillery is also able to move quickly from one firing position to another. This is an important capability when fighting a moving battle or when avoiding enemy fire.

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