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Artists' Guild

Artists' guild (Civ5)
Introduced in Brave New World
Building of the Medieval era
Cost 150 20xProduction5
Maintenance 1 20xGold5

Guilds (Civ5) Guilds


2 Artist (Civ5)(Artist)

  • Provides 2 GreatPeople5 Great Person Points (GPP) towards a Great Artist.
  • Add up to two specialists to this building to gain 20xCulture5 Culture and increase the rate of Great Artist acquisition (3 20xCulture5 Culture and 3 GPP per turn)

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Game InfoEdit

National wonder, center for plastic and visual arts. Provides the means for producing Great Artists.

  • +2 GPP per turn towards Great Artist
  • 2 Artist Specialist slots


In Brave New World, Great Artists are produced in a new way - not through the generic specialists placed in your cultural buildings (Amphitheater, Opera House, etc.), but solely through the Artists' Guild, a new National Wonder. Just like the Writers' and Musicians' Guilds, it doesn't require building a prerequisite building in all your cities - once you research Guilds, you can build an Artists' Guild. However, consider well in what city you place it, since it will be the only means of producing this particular type of Great Person.

Historical InfoEdit

The concept of guilds for artisans did not take hold until the late Middle Ages, when Europe began its long process of urbanization. In the 13th century a number of artists' guilds sprang up in cities, modeled on the merchants' guilds of the time. The guilds sought to fix costs and set prices, and offered support and education to artists in a city, thus avoiding the problems of patronage by the wealthy and the nobility. Although unofficial guilds still exist for various types of artists, the Enlightenment Age brought about a decline in guild monopolies until all had been abolished by the mid-1800s.

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