Automobile (Civ1)

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Automobile allows the building of powerful and quick armor units.

It is a prerequisite of Mass Production.

It negates the effects of Copernicus' Observatory and replaces the knight unit.

Civilization (original) Advance
Automobile (Civ1)
Prerequisite advances:
Combustion, Steel
Automobile (Civ1)
Needed for further advances:
Mass Production


The first practical Automobiles were developed in the late 19th Century, although experiments with steam-powered wagons had been carried out over one hundred years earlier. The critical invention that made the Automobile a success was the internal Combustion engine. This relatively small but powerful engine could be mounted within the frame of the "horseless carriage" and drive the wheels. The Automobile had a tremendous impact on the economy and lifestyles of the rich Western nations, and it also revolutionized warfare. Armed and armored Automobiles, known as tanks, became a dominant weapon on the battlefield.

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