The Ayyubid people represent a civilization in Into the Renaissance, a scenario in Civilization V: Gods & Kings. They use Arabia's icon and Assyria's colors.

  • Leader: Saladin (a reused Askia)
  • Unique Ability: Justice of Saladin (Receive a free Courthouse in every city conquered. Start with the Pyramids constructed in Cairo.)
  • Unique Unit: Mamluk (replaces Knight)
  • Unique Building: Madrasah (replaces University)
  • Capital: Cairo
    • City List: Dvin, Ba'albek, Bilbais, Alexandria, Aswan, Zabid, Aden, Ta'izz, Sana'a, Yanbu, Medina, Damascus, Hama, Homs, A'zaz Qus, Kafr Sabt, Jaffa
  • Religion: Islam

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