Babylon is the capital city of the Babylonian Civilization for Sid Meier's original Civilization game.


(This history timeline details only historical events that are relevant to this version of Civilization)

  • 4000 BC - The region of Mesopotamia containing Babylon was first settled.  (Babylon tile is explored and conquered by the Babylonians civilization.
  • 3980 BC - South of the region of Babylonia in the regions of Sumeria and the tile containing the Kingdom of Assyria  were first explored. (Babylonian empire of 1750 BC fully conquered plus Assyria of 1750 BC) (Option 1 turn 1)
  • 4000 BC - The city of Babylon is founded in game. (Option 2, turn 1)
  • 3980 BC - The city of Babylon is founded (Option 1, turn 2)
  • 1894 BC - The city of Babylon is founded in real life.
  • 1772 BC - Code of Laws is discovered (Code of Hammurabi is published)
  • 762 AD - The city is renamed to Baghdad (The city of Baghdad is founded)
  • 13th Century AD - Attacked by Mongol Civilization.
  • 2003 -2012 AD - Occupied by the Americans Civilization.
    Neo-Babylonian Empire (Civ1)

    In this picture you see a general strategy for the Babylonian Civilization. The game gives you two settlers at start so you can explore near you really fast.

  • 2100 AD - The chronological end of the game.
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