Bioadaptive Resonance (SMAC)

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Bioadaptive Resonance
Bioadaptive Resonance (SMAC)
Tech stats
Short quote Advanced control of resonance fields
Rank Conquer 4
Requisites Field Modulation
Centauri Empathy
Leads to Sentient Resonance
Base Facilities None
Secret Projects None
Unit Advances Spore Launcher
Resonance Laser
Soporific Gas Pods

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I saw the alien phalanx coming toward us, and I calmed my mind as Kri'lan had taught me. And what I saw next to the phalanx was a shadow regiment, half-formed from the resonance around them. I cursed the aliens... with power like that, each one could fight as many, and I thanked Planet for sending us the betrayer.

-- Prophet Cha Dawn ,"The Betrayer and I"

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