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Biomes determine the look of the planet. There are three planetary biomes in base Civilization: Beyond Earth, with two additional ones coming out with Rising Tide. In the original game, none of these change the geology, biology, or the distribution of resources on the planet in the basic game. In the Rising Tide expansion pack, however, biome selection will determine the behavior, strengths and weaknesses of the inhabiting alien species.

List of BiomesEdit

Biome Tooltip description
Arid (CivBE) Arid A bright world of scorching heat and scarce, hardy lifeforms.
Frigid (CivBE) Frigid RT only An ancient world covered with icy glaciers and furtive but powerful lifeforms.
Fungal (CivBE) Fungal A dim, damp world of giant fungi and strange, delicate lifeforms.
Lush (CivBE) Lush A fertile, temperate landscape teeming with varied and abundant lifeforms.
Primordial (CivBE) Primordial RT only A young world of rough, volcanic terrain and vibrant but primitive lifeforms.
RT only Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.
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