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Blacksmith's House
Blacksmith's House (Civ4Col)
Required building None
Allows Blacksmith's Shop
Hammer required 0
Tools (Civ4Col) required 0

Allows 2 colonists to each produce 3 Tools from 3 Ore per turn.

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Due to the lack of foundries which could quickly create new metal objects, iron was an exceptionally precious metal in the early colonies. This made the blacksmith an essential part of any successful colony, as broken iron instruments could only be repaired or ordered new from England at great cost. But the blacksmith's job was not easy. Even working at the bare minimum, a blacksmith required an impressive amount of tools - tongs, hammers, bellows, anvil, trough and forge. As well, they needed a roof over their head, so that they could see the metal they were working had reached an appropriate temperature. The Blacksmith's House represents this invaluable, if meager, set-up. A skilled blacksmith can make just about anything a young colony could require with a Blacksmith's House, so long as he's given plenty of time to do the job.

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