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Bomb Shelter

Bomb shelter (Civ5)
Introduced in Gods & Kings
Building of the Information era
Cost 300 20xProduction5
Maintenance 1 20xGold5

Telecommunications (Civ5) Telecommunications



  • -75% 20xPopulation5 Population loss on nuclear attack

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Game InfoEdit

Special defense building.

  • -75% 20xPopulation5 Population loss from nuclear attacks


The Bomb Shelter is the only defense developed against the horrific effects of nukes. In case of a nuclear strike, the Bomb Shelter will save most citizens in the city, although it won't defend any units outside of it.

Historical InfoEdit

As the name implies, a bomb shelter is a structure designed to withstand damage from bombs and other explosive weapons. While some bomb shelters were meant for protection from aerial bombardment, others were constructed underground in the hopes of surviving a nuclear attack. Depending on the intended purpose of the shelter, various materials could be used, with the most common component being reinforced concrete.

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