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Air unit

A/D 18/3
Moves 6
Cost 60
Upgrades to N/A
Required technologies

Advanced Flight

Required resources


Other attributes

Must refuel in a friendly city every 4 turns

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The Bomber is one of two air units in Civilization Revolution. Only Fighters can attack it.

Unit AnalysisEdit

Bombers have a range of 6 spaces per turn and fuel for 4 turns. If a Bomber remains outside one of your cities for more than four turns, it will run out of fuel and be instantly destroyed when it comes crashing to the ground.

Unique ReplacementsEdit

American Bombers are replaced by the Flying Fortress.

English Bombers are replaced by the Lancaster Bomber.

German Bombers are replaced by the Henkel Bomber.

Japanese Bombers are replaced by the Val Bomber.

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