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Broken Star is a scenario for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.


The scenario begins with Russia in a civil war. There are 8 playable civilizations and a rebel group as one of the civilizations.  New units and promotions are available. There are 10 unarmed nukes on the map, guarded by the U.N. forces. One victory condition is possession of 7 of the 10 nukes or by possession of 4 armed nukes. When you acquire an unarmed nuke it takes 25 turns to arm it. The seven other civilizations are just other parts of Russia, with the same unique units. There is another new feature in which you can buy mercenaries from other countries. You can also buy experience in this scenario. The playable civilizations are all Russian army districts.


  • The nukes that can be captured from the UN are unique in that they can actually raze cities, as would happen in a real nuclear attack.

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