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Brussels is the capital of the short lived Belgian civilization (1830-1957 or 1962 depending on map ). its usually the only city to be built in Belgium Proper on Global or The North Atlantic map. Brussels has a Capital, Court house and a stock market (oldest stock market in the world founded in 1555) Brussels it self is a much older settlement probably being fouded in the 900s or 1000s. in the 800s AD during charlemagne there were no cities here yet and the land was claimed by Frisians tribe. The land had Been claimed by the Frisians tribe for about a Thousand Years since the Classical era. But eventually they were Defeated by the Franks and the Vikings.


Belgian civilization is one of the newest civilizations being founded actually after the Americans in 1790. Belgium was not founded till the 1830s that's when the Belgian civilization was born. If your playing as the Belgians on the Western front scenario in the year 1940 and you don't sign a cease fire with the nazi-Germans you will be defeated very quickly. if you defeate nazi-Germany you wont get a diplomatic victory either only the French can get that one for crushing Germany underfoot. although you do get some victory points for having eliminated the German player from the game. after the 1950s there's some debate as to weather the Belgians are sovergne anymore. after the 1950s the whole of western front unites into European union civilization. Hypothetically you could Rename one of the civilizations in the Civ_str text file into European union and your goal is to play as a European civilization instead.

Time periodsEdit

  • Genetic era (CTP2)  1957 to Present (as European union only)
    Low Countries (CTP2)

    In this Picture you See the Low Countries on the 200x400 size map. Brussels is the only city for Belgium because Belgium is a very small Country.

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