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Game Info Edit

The Builder is the basic building block of creating an empire. They are used to create tile improvements, collect resources, and build many different things within your cities' borders. They can also be used to repair pillaged improvements.

By default, they only have three charges, but this can be increased through various ways:

  • Qin Shi Huang's leader ability grants his Builders one extra charge.
  • The Pyramids wonder grants all workers one extra charge (retroactively for active builders).
  • The Serfdom and Public Works policy card grants newly created Builders two extra charges.

Builders captured by military units will retain their current charge amount.

Historical Context Edit

Every era has had the men and women who lay the foundations … the farms, fences, mines, roads, bridges, ditches, and all the rest that add up to “civilization.” Whether slaves, wage-slaves, contractors, or actually working for themselves, these “builders” spread out into the wilderness and tame it, making it productive and profitable. Then they keep it all running and in repair. No civilization can survive without these men and women (and children, at least until the early 20th century). While technology and machinery has certainly helped, the work of all this building and maintaining the infrastructure of a nation is still demanding, dirty, and dangerous; in 2013 AD, there were 828 fatalities in the construction industry in the United States, and 46 in the United Kingdom.

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