A building is a permanent fixture in a city that provides it with some sort of benefit. Some Civilization Revolution players prefer to build vast armies and crush their enemies, but buildings are necessary for those who want their cities to flourish. Your first city in a game of Civilization Revolution will contain little more than a Palace (small as it may be!) and a few homes, but constructing a few buildings in it will allow it to grow into a bustling metropolis over time.

Building BonusesEdit

  • Production: Constructing buildings such as the Courthouse can boost production by adding more city tiles to the surrounding areas.
  • Scientific: Constructing scientific buildings will allow your empire to research new technologies more quickly.
  • Cultural: Constructing cultural buildings will increase your chances of generating Great People and flipping nearby enemy cities.
  • Economic: Constructing economic buildings will allow your city to produce more gold.
  • Defensive: Constructing certain buildings can offer defensive and military bonuses. For example, building a Barracks boosts all new units produced in the city to the veteran level automatically.
  • Population Growth: As you build more and more buildings, the city's population will grow, slowly getting closer to the next growth milestone with each passing turn. Houses will appear or upgrade when this happens.

Build TimeEdit

Constructing buildings, like all activities in Civilization Revolution, takes time. The amount of turns varies depending on a city's production potential; it can be as few as 2-3 turns or as many as 30-45 turns. Buildings take noticeably fewer turns to be constructed than wonders, but some of the more advanced buildings can still take quite a bit of time to construct.

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