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Buildings in the free game C-evo are similar to those found in other strategy games. Each confers some benefit, most of the time, but occasionally the benefit is less than the maintenance cost. Most of them have names, functions, and resource costs that have been deliberately though loosely modelled on the buildings of Civilization II. (Civ2 players should beware of the Library, which costs 3 resources per turn!)

Their construction costs resources.

Unlike units, they do not carry over any production overflow, but they do start with any existing overflow from a unit. (That does not apply to space ship parts even though they are listed at the bottom of the appropriate "buildings" menus.)

Sell or recycleEdit

Unwanted buildings can be sold at almost any time (with a maximum of one per city per turn). Return is an amount of gold equal to the amount of resource that went into the building. The exception is when the city is building another building, in which case all that you can do is "rebuild" (which is a bad translation meaning "recycle") one building for two-thirds of its original resource cost; the resources go straight into the new building, and may be wholly or partly wasted if you then have more than enough resources to complete the new building.

Seeing what a city hasEdit

You can see what buildings a city has in the bottom left of the city screen. Their positions are generally fixed and are in six sections of six, most sections having a common theme or two. The overall map (which has a pale pinkish-brown background for prairie cities but greenish for others) shows black rectangles for existing buildings and a red rectangle for what is being built. Click on any of the six sections to see an enlarged version of that section showing pictures of buildings that exist, over a greyish pattern of streets, roundabouts, and houses (and water for coastal cities) that varies with city size.

The following indicates which buildings appear in which locations (listing top row then bottom row within each section).

Top left
 ?; Temple; Theater
Supermarket; ?; Cathedral
Middle left
Granary; Marketplace; Palace (which reappears in a new style when you get a new government) or Town Hall or Courthouse
?; Aqueduct or Sewer System; Bank
Bottom left
?; University; Library
Research Lab; ?; Superhighways
Top right
City Walls; SAM Missile Battery; Dockyard
Barracks or Military Academy; Airport; Coastal Fortress
Middle right
Factory; Manufacturing Plant; Offshore Platform
Power Station; Recycling Center; Harbor
Bottom right (sharing space with the "units supported" icon)
Space Port, Great Wall, Command Bunker, and Wonders, in no regular order. If there are more than six, arrows are added similar to the arrows that appear when a tile has more than ten units.

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