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Legal Civic

Version BtS 3.17
Required technology Civil Service
Upkeep High
  • +50% Hammer in capital
  • +50% Coin in capital
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Bureaucracy is a legal civic in Civilization IV.


Bureaucracy is a legal civic that gives +50% Hammer and +50% Coin in a civilization's capital city.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Bureaucracy is a form of government in which a professional class manages the day-to-day operations of the government. They collect the taxes. They build the roads. They turn the ruler's wishes into actuality. The Chinese mandarins are an early example of a bureaucracy. The motor vehicle agency of your local government is a later example.

Bureaucracies provide a certain amount of stability and competence to a government, ensuring that the government will continue to operate efficiently even if the old ruler is thrown out and a new and totally inexperienced ruler takes his or her place. Over time, though, a bureaucracy may become "entrenched" - growing in size and inefficiency to the point where it is extremely difficult for a leader to accomplish anything - good or ill.

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