At great personal risk from torture by the infamous I2S (Imperial Intelligence & Surveillance Service) I have obtained a (alas dated) copy of the executive summary of the secret Sun Tze Combat Academy field manual. I just hope this comm-channel is secure.

             * * * *    M O ST       S E C R E T    * * * *

                     Sun Tze Combat Academy
               Executive Summary of Imperial Field Manual

As imperial officers, you WILL be faced with a range of enemy capabilities. 
This field manual is an introductory guide to the four OpFor modalities and
the five possible counter strategies depending on deployed battlefield AI. 

1) horde/phallax - endless mass of light forces (e.g. Mongols)
2) mass/momentum - converging attack on single target (e.g. armored vehicles)
3) suicide run   - fanatical mutual assured destruction (e.g. terrorists)
4) air/land      - combined arms scorched earth invasion (e.g. modern weapons)

Within our 5 Elemental Forces we build on the following post-modern 
battlefield doctrines to consistently dominate and implement imperial 
decrees against (often superior/overwhelming) forces in hostile territory.

A Water    - hunter/killer 
           - sweep long range from carrier and close for multi-axis attack
B Earth    - seamobile de/offense 
           - build forts in depth and distract enemies into killzones
C Fire     - infiltrate commandos
           - identify key production for sabotage/strike followup
D Wood     - deep strike 
           - airdrop combat engineers/marines and launch/ambush from cover
E Metal    - leap/box 
           - combination of heavy armor punch and defensive square blocks

This field manual covers the possible combinations and the conditions/
terrain under which each can be deployed and more importantly, where 
suicide would be the better option least you bring everlasting dishonor 
and shame upon the glorious name of Sun Tze Combat Acad ...

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