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Parent article

This sub-article of the C-evo HOWTO has information not needed to win the game with no other nations, but is useful for finding and using features in the game that may otherwise be difficult to find.

Diplomacy Edit

To access the window that allows you to make or break treaties and other agreements with other players:

  • Click on the picture of a building above the "next turn" button in the lower right corner of the screen and select "nations", or hit "F9", to open up the nations screen.
  • Click on the button near top left that looks like three horizontal lines.
  • Select the nation you wish to negotiate with.
  • When information about that nation comes up, click on the picture of a building in the upper right hand corner of the "nations" window, just below the button marked "X".

Conscripts Edit

Conscripts are a special type of unit. Their main advantage is that they cost less than normal military units. Their main disadvantage is that, unlike normal units, they use food resources.

Some basic points:

  • The "conscription" technology is needed to make conscripts.
  • Any type of military unit can be conscripted.
  • To make the conscripted version of a military unit visible, go to the city management screen to select a unit to build, and shift-click on the unit in question.
  • There is a button that looks like a helmet with a spiderweb over it.
  • Click it to make the spiderweb disappear.
  • Now, leave the city’s unit selection screen and re-enter it.
  • The conscripted version of the unit will now be on the menu.

Science and resourcesEdit

Certain special resources are visible only when the "Science" technology is available:

Prairie with bauxite:        1 food          3 shields              1 trade
Forest with bubble (mineral) 1 food          2 shields              4 trade
Jungle with black ebony      1 food          2 shields              4 trade
Hills with coal              1 food          2 shields              0 trade
Mountains with diamonds      0 food          1 shield               7 trade
Swamp with peat              1 food          4 shields              1 trade
Tundra with gas              1 food          4 shields              1 trade
Desert with oil              0 food          3 shields              1 trade
Coast with manganese         1 food          5 shields              3 trade

You can generally pick which tiles are most likely to produce those resources. Study the pattern of existing special resource distribution (the same as in Civ1 and Civ2). Gaps are the likely places.

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