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Many of C-evo's advances add some Unit Feature ( a Capacity, a Special Feature, or a Unit Advance) to future unit design or allow a building that strengthens some or all units defending a city. Enemies can use some advances to reduce the value of some of your improvements.

Table summarizing benefitsEdit

The Manual divides advances into four groups, based roughly on chronology, but an alphabetical listing has advantages and is used here. Other arrangements of these data are possible and are likely to be created as alternatives by selective copying from this table when it has all links in.
"Cost to" stands for "Cost multiplier increased to"; "Cost +" (used for a Future Technology) means Cost multiplier increases by the specified amount; see and for relevant forum postings about cost
"Max wt" stands for "Maximum weight [of that type of unit] rises to"
"Str" stands for "Strength multiplier"
"Trans" stands for "Transport multiplier"
The term "multiplier" is perhaps misleading for additive "factors".
Advance (and prerequisites) Air units Ground units Naval units
Advanced Flight (Flight, Robotics) Allows Airport, Bombs, Carrier; Max wt 7 - -
Advanced Rocketry (Computers, Rocketry) Allows SAM Missile Battery Allows SAM Missile Battery Allows Air Defence, SAM Missile Battery; Str +32, Cost to 38
Amphibious Warfare (Navigation, Tactics) - - Str +24, trans +1, Cost to 18;
allows Dockyard
Automobile (Combustion Engine, Steel) - Max wt 10 -
[[Artificial Intelligence (C-evo)
(25 possible)|]] (Smart Weapons)
Str +7, Cost +4 - Str +14, Cost +4
Ballistics (Mathematics, Metallurgy) - Allows Artillery Allows Artillery
Bridge Building (Construction, Wheel) - Allows Overweight -
Bronze Working - Str +2, Cost to 4 -
Chivalry (Monarchy, Warrior Code) - Str +2, Cost to 5 -
Combined Arms (Advanced Flight, Mobile Warfare) Allows Air Transport Allows Air Transport -
Combustion Engine (Explosives, Refining) - - Allows Submarine
Communism (Industrialization, Philosophy) Allows Fanatic air units Allows Fanatic ground units Allows Fanatic
Composites (Metallurgy, Plastics) Str +8, Cost to 26 Str +8, Cost to 15 -
Democracy (Conscription, Industrialization) - Str +6, Cost to 5 -
Electronics (Atomic Theory, Radio) Str +6, Cost to 20 - -
Engineering (Construction, Bronze Working) - Allows Great Wall Trans +1, Cost to 8;
allows Great Wall
Explosives (Chemistry, Engineering) - Str +4, Cost to 9 Str +16, Cost to 24
Flight (Combustion Engine, Physics) Allows air units - -
Gunpowder (Iron Working, Medicine) - Str +3, Cost to 8 Str +8, Cost to 12
Horseback Riding - Allows Mobility, Max wt 7 -
Intelligence (Invention, Tactics) Allows Spy Plane Allows Special Commando -
Iron Working (Bronze Working, Invention) - Str +2, Cost to 5 -
The Laser (Miniaturization, Physics) -] Str +8, Cost to 14 -
Magnetism (Iron Working, Physics) - - Str +12, Trans +1, Cost to 20
Map Making (Alphabet) - - Allows naval units, allows Longboats
Masonry (Aircraft have no strength in defending cities or bases) Allows City Walls Allows City Walls (remember: ships defend cities with half normal strength)
[[Material Technology (C-evo)
(25 possible)|]] (Composites)
- Str +10, Cost +2 Str +14, Cost +4
Medicine (Mysticism, Pottery Allows military bases Allows Supply Ship;
allows military bases
Allows military bases
Metallurgy (Gunpowder) - Allows Coastal Fortress Allows Coastal Fortress
Miniaturization (Plastics, Tactics) Str +8, cost to 24 - -
Mobile Warfare (Automobile, Tactics) - Str +7, Cost to 12 -
Monotheism (Astronomy, Polytheism) - Str +3, Cost to 7 -
Navigation (Astronomy, Seafaring) - - Allows Navigation; Str +4, Cost to 10;
allows Magellan's Expedition
Nuclear Power (Nuclear Fission) - - Allows Nuclear Power
Physics (Science) - - Allows Turbines
Plastics (Mass Production, Refining) - Allows The Shinkansen Express -
Radio (Electricity, Engineering) - Str +6, Cost to 11 Allows Radar/Sonar
Robotics (Mass Production, Economics) - Str +8, Cost to 15 -
Rocketry (Ballistics, Explosives) Allows Jet Engines - -
Seafaring (Map Making, Pottery) - - Max wt 7
Smart Weapons (Advanced Rocketry, The Laser) Str +11, Cost to 32 - -
Steam Engine (Engineering, Science) - - Allows Steam Power; Str +24, Cost to 28
Stealth (Composites, Radio) Allows Stealth - -
Steel (Iron Working, Railroad) Max armor +1, i.e. up to 4 Allows Command Bunker; Max armor +1, i.e. up to 3 Allows Command Bunker; Max wt 9, Max armor +1, i.e. up to 4
Tactics (University, Warrior Code) Str +6, Cost to 17 Str +5, Cost to 10; Allows Military Academy; Allows Alpine -
Warrior Code (Allows Barracks) - Allows ground units -

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