General & unique strategies to explain to new users...

Well, here's some general things:

  • Extracting Tile Resources - especially early on, then special tiles.
  • Setting Government Spending - Science vs Production vs Economy, learning to switch quickly when need be.
  • Keeping them happy - How to, the costs of doing so, and when to not care (later).
  • Scouting quickly & cheaply - especially early on.
  • Diplomacy - Cease Fire/Peace/Friendly, How to Trade, Trading Advances, Getting 2for1, Using "?", Gifts to increase one's standing, Getting just National/Military/Map Info, When to Ally and the draw-backs of sharing maps, Trading for Advances just prior to completion, Trading Military units, Tactical Donations.
  • Examining Intransitive Relations - Defensive (Turtling), Assertive (Expansionistic), Aggressive (all-out-attack), Cheap Defense & Overweight, Cheap Explore & Horseback/Alpine, Cheap Attack & Ballistics. When to use and when to switch these primary strategies.
  • Military (Land) Units - Tile Defense Bonuses, Suicide Cross, ZOC, Warrior Code, Bronze Working, Construction(Fortress), Zeus's(Polytheism), Monotheism, Chivalry & Sun Tsu's, Iron Working, Gunpowder, Bridge Building(Overweight), Ballistics(Bombardment), Theology(Fundamentalism), Tactics(Military Academy & Alpine), Explosives, Steel(Defensive Bunker), Conscription, Democracy, Communism(Fanaticism), Automobile, Mobile Warfare, Mass Production, Robotics, Composites, Lasers, material Tech.
  • Naval units - Suicide Cross, ZOC, Map Making(Transports), Seafaring, Navigation, Engineering, Gunpowder, Ballistics, Steam Engine, Physics(?), Magnetism, Explosives(Canals), Combustion Engine(Subs), Amphibious Warfare, Radio(Radar), Advanced Flight(Aircraft Carriers), Nuclear Power, Advanced Rocketry(Anti-Aircraft), Material Tech & Artificial Intelligence.
  • Air Units - Medicine(Military Bases), Tactics, Suicide Cross, Fuel issues, ZOC, Flight, Rocketry(Jet Engines), Radio(?), Electronics, Advanced Flight(Airports & Bombs), Miniaturization, Composites, Combined Arms(Transports), Stealth, Smart Weapons, Artificial Intelligence.
  • Transporting - Loading, Unloading, Delays during Landings, Medical Ships(Medicine).
  • Stealth - Spies, Spy planes, ZOC, Sabotage, Getting Reports, as Anti-Spies.
  • City Seizures - Attacking, Invading, Population Decrease, Under Control, Corruption, integration.
  • City Structures - Building, Buying, Selling, Using Trade, moving the Palace.
  • Government - Choosing, Switching, Anarchy, Recovering City balance.
  • Sciences - Trading Advances, Libraries & Observatory, Zeus Wonder, Great Library, Leonardo's, University, Newton's, Spying, Computers, Computing Tech.
  • Economy - Markets, Banks, The Corporation.
  • Production - Tile Resources, The Wheel & Roads, Government Choices, Map Making, Oracle & Hanging Gardens, Science (Resources), Scientists, Industrialization, Power Plants, Refining, Railroads, Automobile, Hoover Dam, Mass Production (Resources), Robotics, Nano Tech.
  • Food - Tile Resources, Pottery, Map Making, Seafaring, Scientists, Refrigeration, Synthetic Foods, Balancing Resources.
  • Pollution - Dirty Production, Power Plant Choice(s), Tile Production decrease, Clean Up, Recycling.
  • City Size - Tile Food, Granary, Aqueduct (Construction), Settlers/Scientist, Statue of Liberty(Democracy), Sewers (Sanitation), Size 21, Conscription, Reducing to Zero, Unit Support & Disbanding.
  • City Defense - Tile Bonus, Walls, Great Wall (Engineering), Coastal Defense (Metallurgy), Command Bunker (Steel), SAM Defense (Advanced Rocketry).
  • Wonders -
  • Space Race - Space Port (Space Flight), Trading Space parts, Seizing Space ports, Developing Limited Special Resource Tiles: Mercury & Self Contained Environments, Cobalt & Impulse Drives, Uranium & Transtellar Colonization.

That's all for now, beware any typos or mistakes i made... =) (Unsigned, by "anonymous" contributor 2009-12-07T07:14:23 )