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Robin's "Book 31".

Introduction and first cityEdit

Huge map this time, so it could be many centuries before we see another nation. Again 50% land, so lots of seas and inlets expected. I've actually seen the map and marked about 20 suitable starting tiles trying to ensure that each had at least four and no more than six plain or grassland or fish or fruit or wheat. That should ensure that no nation has a hopelessly inferior start and therefore few if any will disappear unduly soon.

"Moderate" level means that I (leader of the Romans) and all the AI players are on the standard level, e.g. 10 resources for a militia and 40 food in the foodbox and 800 resources for the biggest Wonders.

First city: RomaEdit

Ten coastal tiles in two sections (both adjacent, so we are on a portage), including one fish. Two grasslands, three plains, two swamps, tundra (not unexpected, as we are close to the Arctic), forest, hill. Not much obvious resource there, so we may want to mine the hill even under Despotism, not usually worthwhile. City centre is on a hill: only two food and no resource. On "Maximize Growth" we have a surplus of three food, which is as good as one can reasonably expect, and four trade, but no resource, so we'll be irrigating the plains pronto; move settler onto one.

Building Town Guard, but nothing going in at present.

See subpages C-evo test Book 31/1st 100 turns, 2nd 100 turns, 3rd 100 turns, 4th 100 turns, 5th 100 turns,

1 turn. 3950 BCEdit

One year into it. Choose to research The Wheel for trade on roads. Looks like 3 turns away, i.e. 9 beakers. Cut tax to 0% to boost trade (4 beakers) while no expenses and with 1 gold in kitty. Start road.

3 turns. 3850Edit

Researched Wheel, choose Warrior Code. Road in place; irrigate; should have irrigated first, because until we do we won't be using that plain.

6. 3700Edit

Warrior Code > Horseback Riding. Irrigation is "4.5/6"; remembered to click "I" again after checking, to send him back to work.

7. 3650Edit

Irrigation. Move to 2nd plain (discovering more forest), noting now 3 food, 1 resource, and 5 trade.

8. 3600Edit


11. 3450Edit

Horseback Riding > Bronze Working.

12. 3400Edit

Irrigation; so "R". 3 food, 2 resources, 5 trade. Food box has been quietly filling and has 36/40. Switch (belatedly?) to "Maximize Research" to get the Town Guard built to keep Citizen 5 content when he or she arrives. 1 food, 3 production (on top of the 5 there), 5 trade. Should work just about right.

14. 3300Edit

Road. Plain seems to have river, so we zip back to Roma. With that road, "Maximize Research" pulls worker from forest to plain, which won't do: "Maximize Production" restores the game plan: 1 food, 4 resources, 5 trade.

15. 3250Edit

Settler to 3rd plain.

16. 3200Edit

Bronze Working > "Military Research": "New unit design (Ground)" 18/12/1.5, cost 20. Safety first. Population growth to 5; Citizen 5 temporarily joins the Control Brigade (eating 2 food and therefore causing a switch in the automatic distribution so as to maintain food stocks), because our official guard is only 19/20 built. 0 food, 3 resources, 5 trade.

17.3150: Town GuardEdit

Production complete. Five citizens working. Town Guard provides 2 morale points and requires one unit of material for support. Maximizing growth will see us hitting 6 in 10 turns, meanwhile building Barracks very slowly. Stay with Max Reso to do barracks in 10: 1 net food, 4 net resources (i.e. production), 6 trade.

19. 3050: First military researchEdit

New units are called "Principes". Focus on Seafaring, research Pottery.

20. 3000Edit

Irrigated 3rd plain: "R". 2 food, 4 production, 6 trade.

22. 2900Edit

Road; move to grassland. 2 food, 4 production, 7 trade.

23. 2850Edit


24. 2800Edit

Pottery > Alphabet.

25. 2750Edit

Road. Settler moves to plain outside city radius.

26. 2700Edit

"R". Barracks now 38 so switch to "Maximize Growth" - 4 food, 2 production, 8 trade.

27. 2650: BarracksEdit

Barracks complete: start Principes (10 turns). Tax rate up to cover barracks maintenance: 10% might do but 20% preferred because it gives us a little cushion against fluctuations in trade.

4 food, 2 production, 8 trade (2 tax + 6 research).

28. 2600Edit

Road, just an easy one move from Roma, and we can explore best using a ship initially, so we bring the settler back and prepare to mine our hill.

29. 2550Edit

Alphabet > Map Making. Settler to hill.

30. 2500Edit


33. 2350Edit

Population growth: Roma [6]. Storage 3/40, surplus 5. Eight more turns at this rate will take us to 7 with one wasted worker. So switch to max production but surplus still 3, so we really need that mine.


35. 2250Edit

Principes built. When the mine is ready, one of the "3 food" workers will switch to it, but there will still be a surplus - so we will start a settler soon. But Longboats will be available next turn, so we do Trade Goods this turn.

3+4+(2+7); cash "10+1" (but probably "10+5" if refreshed).

36. 2200Edit

"New units are ready for production." Longboats. 0/3/2.5. cost 20. So we will start one. Map Making > Seafaring. Send Principes off for a little exploration near the coast waiting to board the ship when it starts off exploring the southern sea.

Cash 15+5 before switching to ship production, 15+1 after. 15 should be enough buffer, so cut tax to 10%:

3+4+(1+8), cash 15+0.

38. 2100Edit

Mine (which will now get a road). Worker switches there from fish. Longboats 8/20, production 8. Food 18/40, surplus 1. Principes finds more water and unappealing land out east.

2100 BC

1+6+(1+6). Cash 15+0.

40. 2000Edit

Longboats unit appears and head south. Principes heads south-west towards ship, and we find that our southern sea is just a 5-tile lake. Ship will head north and Principes will possibly board it later but will first explore land south and west of lake for a city site.

42. 1900Edit

Road on hill; settler runs south-west to prairie.

43. 1850Edit

"R". Ship finds Arctic.

44. 1800Edit

Seafaring > (focus Engineering) Masonry. Switch to "Hurry Production" so that new settler (24/40) will be built just before population reaches 7. Ship reaches dead end.


45. 1750Edit

Road on prairie. Settler moves west to plain.

46. 1700Edit

"R". Principes steps onto mountain to get wider view.

48. 1600Edit

New settler built and heads south-west, Roma[4]. Start 2nd Principes. Switch to max growth. Old settler moves to grassland. Principes (having had to wait on the mountain) reveals more.

2+2+(1+5), cash 15+0.

49. 1550Edit

Old settler starts road; new settler has decided where to build and moves to forest to build access road; site will be on hill, sharing a grassland with Roma but just clear of the tiles that will be used by a western coastal city (no matter which of three possible sites that chooses); it will have two other grasslands, three plains, a pond, forests, hills, and two mountains including one with iron.

50. 1500Edit


3+2+(1+7), cash 15+0.

53. 1350Edit

Masonry > Construction. Ship and Principes are exploring westward while old settler improves radius of proposed 2nd city.

55. 1250Edit

Start 2nd city.


58. 1100Edit

Finished 2nd Principes, who heads east to explore more. Start 3rd settlers.

1000 BC and later, 2nd city soonEdit

61. 975 BCEdit

25-year intervals from 1000 BC

Ostia 2nd city, using irrigated plain. 1 food, 1 production, building Town Hall; it will be done in 40 turns, same time as population grows (unless we speed things by becoming a Monarchy, which is unlikely).

Roma settlers 6/40; 4+2+(1+7).

62. 950Edit

Construction > Engineering

63. 925Edit

Roma [6], food 1/40; continuing at max growth would have us at 7 long before settler finished, so adjust using "Hurry Production": 3+4+(1+8).

71. 725Edit

Engineering > (focus Gunpowder) Ceremonial Burial. 3rd settlers unit built (and goes south-west); start 3rd Principes. Earlier Principes are near extreme west and east of known landmass, turning back towards south-centre. Ship is finding west coast with glimpses of what could be islands or other continents.

Roma [4], back to "Maximize Growth", 2+2+(1+5); Ostia 1+1+0.

75. 625Edit

"We have contact to the Greeks now" - militia approaces one of our settlers. We should put a unit in Ostia in case militia visits there.

76. 600Edit

Switch Roma to Max Prodn so that it stays at 4 for a while, as we send Guard to Ostia. 0+3+(1+4).

78. 550Edit

Start 3rd city on coast (on tundra, which is poor in principle, but the location fits very well with other sites).

79. 525Edit

Roma produces 3rd Principes (which heads for Ostia) and starts another (1/20). Temporary handicap reduces productivity because a size 4 city is supporting a Town Guard plus five other units, so 0+2+(1+4). Guard will be back soon, so resume max growth, food 35/40 + 2, material 3-2=1 production, trade 1+5.

80. 500Edit

Principes reaches Ostia and accepts support from there, restoring Roma to 2+2+(1+5), and Guard heads for home.

82. 450Edit

Roma [5], food 1/40 +3, material 3-1=2, trade 1+7.

Three cities from 400 BCEdit

84. 400Edit

Paestum, 3rd city, coastal, using irrigated plain, building Town Hall (40 turns away, as is the next citizen). Roma therefore 4+2+(1+7).

87. 325Edit

Ceremonial Burial > Mysticism.

89. 275Edit

Roma builds Principes - send it to Paestum, start another. Ship emerges from big fiddly harbour. Old settler creating road to next proposed city site observes another peculiarity of "borders"; there is a similar peculiarity south-east of Roma.


93. 175Edit

Roma [6], 5+2+(1+9).

98. 50BCEdit

Mysticism > Medicine (choosing the more advanced advance because it is more likely to appeal to potential friends). Rome has built Principes, starts settler, using max production (which will get the settler just as the population hits 7); 1+6+(1+6). Alternative was a temple, also "just in time", but we've invested time in the next city site.

Starting Annos DominiEdit

100. "0 AD"Edit

Someone should try to persuade Steffen to change that non-existent year.

101. 20 ADEdit

20-year intervals now

Ostia [3] and builds its Town Hall; still max growth: 2+1+4 - minus 1 corruption, balance all going to research. (Greek militia is stubbornly staying there - what a waste of exploration time! - on one of our irrigated plains, so we are going to issue an ultimatum; if Greeks refuse to receive our emissaries he dies.)

F9: "The Greeks" - "Neutral, Isolationistic (95% credibility)." We switch our attitude to "Enthusiastic" but they don't receive our emissaries. Militia dies. Ostia now 2 production, so we start granary and will need to switch later to more production to get it built just in time for the next "pop up". (PS - we forgot to do that.)

Overall still cash 15+0 with 9 research.

102. 40 ADEdit

"We have contact to the Egyptians now" - our southern explorer finds a militia, and possibly a border but Egy colour is difficult to pick on green tiles. Egyptians parley immediately and we become friends. They want Engineering and offer Polytheism but you should know my views about accepting that. They settle for giving us Monotheism. We get Chivalry for Alphabet (from which we can deduce that they got Map Making from another friend), Monarchy for Masonry, and Medicine (which we are just under halfway through researching) for Construction. A good evening's work.

103. 60 ADEdit

Vikings gone. Their population was the same as ours, both just below Egy, when in about 800BC it started to drop - as far as one can judge from the sometimes misleading graph. Seems they neglected military power much more than we. Their tech was ahead of ours and Egy but their exploration was minimal and their cultivation stopped about 1400 BC.

105. 100 ADEdit

Medicine > Writing.

106. 120Edit

Greeks gone. Their population was away above us and the other two known, from about 1800 BC till about 500 BC. Their tech was even higher than the Vikings but their military was similarly dismal except very early.

Funds are dropping, with new Town Hall, so put tax up to 20%.

Rome [5] plus new settlers. Max growth and start another principes. 3+2+(2+6). Ostia 2+2+(4-1=1+2). Cash 11+1, research 8.

111. 220Edit

Start 4th city on plain north-west of Paestum on coast of peninsula. It will grow fast initially but slow down before the others do.

115. 300Edit

Roma Princ, causing short-term reduction in production. 3+1+(2+6). Start temple.

116. 320Edit

Ostia adopts new princ, so Roma back to 3+2+(2+6).

117. 340Edit

Writing > Invention. Capua 4th city, 2+3+0 thanks to forest game. So Roma 4+2+(2+6). Our three explorers are finding interesting bits of topography, and the inlet east of our lake seems to adjoin a substantial sea. Eastern princ finds first foreign border, possibly Phoenician, and will investigate.

119. 380Edit

Eastern Principes is killed by a mounted unit. F5 tells us it was an elephant, 18/6/2.5, costing 24. Can we raise a war party??! (Not yet - and we are fairly close to designing much more powerful units.)

Roma [6], adjusts to Hurry Production, 3+4+(2+7). Cash 24+1, research 10 - double figures at last. "We have contact to the Phoenicians now". But they are not initiating talks.

121. 420Edit

Ostia [4] with granary 10 turns from completion. Carry on - we can finish granary then build or borrow Town Guard to let us up to 5 with little wastage. 3+2+(6-2=1+3).

Ship finds Egyptian territory away out on west coast. So it will be going around and/or doubling back. Southern princ finds British longboat heading north-east.

124. 480Edit

Paestum [3] and Town Hall: 2+2+(4-1=1+2). No suitable things to build, so go for Trade Goods. South princ enters a pink territory.

Cash 29+3, research 12.

125. 500Edit

Americans seek and get friendship. We get Currency for Seafaring, Code of Laws for Masonry. They don't want anything else of the 3 they could get. We could get 5 from them. Their tech is at similar level to Egy and popn is middling.

126. 520Edit

Roma resumes max growth as temple nearly done: 5+2+(2+8).

World's first WonderEdit

127. 540Edit

Phoenicians have built Temple of Zeus.

128. 560Edit

Invention > Chivalry.

129. 580Edit

Roma Temple; go for granary with Hurry Production: 3+4+(2+7). Move out of American territory, having deduced where one of their cities is; see green border?

Cash 46+2, research 12.

130. 600Edit

Roma [7]; granary won't be in time so Max Prodn: 2+6+(2+7).

131. 620Edit

Ostia Granary, start Town Guard, Max Prodn: 1+4+(5-1=1+3).

Capua Town Hall, go for granary; 2+3+(0+1)

133. 660Edit

Chivalry > Iron Working. Contact to Japanese. Old settler has prepared a bit for 5th city and starts improvements between Roma and Ostia.

First captureEdit

134. 680Edit

Find Edo [5] with 12/4/2.5 defending. Try the friendly approach but read: "The Japanese empire is in anarchy. Our emissaries didn't find a settled administration to speak to." Well, they could be better off under Roman rule: attack Edo. Capture Edo [3]. No barracks, so our princ will take 2 or 3 turns to recover from 28% health loss.

135. 700Edit

No visible response from Japanese. Ostia eases up to Hurry Research: 3+2+(6-2=1+3). Ship has passed Egyptian sea border and found more land west of it.

137. 740Edit

Ostia [5] with new Town Guard: start settlers but max growth: 4+1+(8-2=1+5).

Capua [3], and granary will be built just when it's halfway to next level. Switch to different type of construction, selling progress for 18, then resume building granary, which will be ready only 4 turns before needed instead of 9.

Edo takeover is complete and it could produce 3 food plus one resource, but in case we lose it (which is not too unlikely as there is another city just east of it) we switch to max prodn and could do Trade Goods but our man is fighting fit again so we are going to put up a fight: try another Principes: 0+4+0.

Cash 73+0, research 16, nearly halfway through Iron W.

139. 780Edit

Jap hardened horseman appears (same 12/4/2.5). We could kill him, but if he has mates one of them would get us. As it stands, our defence (even if we had moved last turn) would equal his attack, so he may not be ready for kamikaze.

Egyptians talk, and we get Theology for Seafaring and Astronomy for Invention.

140. 800Edit

Roma granary (earlier than desirable, but we can't remember everythibg), switch to max growth for building settlers.

Irrigation, paradoxically, gives Ostia more resources: 4+2+(7-2=1+4).

Cash 77-1, research 18.

142. 840Edit

Iron Working > Monotheism.

Ostia [6] (20/40) and road gives it another trade; switch to max prodn: 1+6+(8-2=1+5). Edo has built its own principes but he's green; he climbs a hill.

Americans talk; we get Philosophy for Iron Working.

143. 860Edit

Our man on Edo hill dies: Jap hardened dragoon 33/11/2.5, cost 42, down to 52% health but they may have others; we take a chance and kill him and continue to build another princ.

144. 880Edit

It was a bad idea: Jap horseman kills our princ. Switch to militia and spend 4 gold to rush him, so that if we lose Edo the Japs will have to have destroyed it.

Roma [8] (24/40): switch to max prodn: 3+6+(2+9).

Paestum [4]; start settlers, who will be just in time: 3+3+(6-2=1+3).

Phoenician invasion from 900Edit

145. 900Edit

Phoenician kills our old settler on a forest; they have a militia nearby. This could be serious. But if it was only an elephant it will be a bit sick now (27 v 15) and we're not much at risk on our hills.

146. 920Edit

Monotheism > Military research without waiting for Gunpowder.

Americans offer Mathematics for Invention: OK.

147. 940Edit

Tax to zero to speed research: Cash 61-7, research 23.

148. 960Edit

Ostia [4] (26/40) plus settlers: go for barracks: 2+2+(6-2=0+4). Settler heads for Capua.

149. 980Edit

Musketeers: 39/26/1.5, cost 35. Research Bridge Building to produce Overweight units.

150. 1000Edit

Roma [6] (40/40) plus settlers, starts musketeers: 0+6+(0+7). Edo Principes, starts musketeers. Phoenician veteran elephant (86%) shows his face and dies, with our princ dropping to 57% health.

Can't sustain cash drain, so raise tax to 30%: cash 40-2, research 12.

151. 1020Edit

Roma [7] (20/40 - zero growth but it was on 40 stopped by lack of aqueduct); 1+6+(3+6).

152. 1040Edit

Capua granary, start Barracks. Edo now sees two Jap horsemen.

153. 1060Edit

No Japs in sight. Ostia's princ back to 100% so kills phoen militia and gets third stripe but is down to 45%.

155. 1100Edit

Ostia [5]: 3+2+(8-2=2+4).

156. 1120Edit

Roma Musketeers, start more.

157. 1140Edit

Capua [4], max prodn for barracks: 0+7+(3-1=1+1). Another Phoen elephant on the forest just as our vet reaches 100%: dead, with vet dropping to 62%. Roma sends its princ in support.

158. 1160Edit

Paestum [3] plus settlers, starts barracks: 1+2+(4-1=1+2).

159. 1180Edit

Edo musketeers, goes for trade goods, 0+4+0. Another Phoen elephant dies in forest and our vet drops to 46%.

160. 1200Edit

Bridge Building and take a chance > Gunpowder. Capua barracks and will have musketeers in 5 turns. Edo militia goes exploring.

161. 1220Edit

Roma musketeers just as another Phoen repeats cycle and vet becomes elite at 36% health. Tax 20%. Cash 36-1, research 16.

162. 1240Edit

Ostia [6] (21/40), switch to speed barracks: 0+5+(8-2=1+5).

163. 1260Edit

Ostia eases:2+4+(9-3=1+5).

164. 1280Edit

Ostia barracks: max prodn for musketeers: 0+6+(8-2=1+5).

165. 1300Edit

Capua musketeers, start temple on max research: 2+6+(4-1=1+2).

167. 1340Edit

Roma musketeers, max growth: 5+2+(2+10).

Cash 30-1, research 19.

168. 1360Edit

Roma [8]: 4+4+(3+10). Cash 29+0, research 19.

169. 1380Edit

Gunpowder > Military research.

Roma stops musk (sold for 7) and does trade goods to max: 2+6+(2+9).

Tax 0%, cash 36+0, research 23.

170. 1400Edit

Americans talk; we get Science for Gunpowder. Ostia musketeers.

171. 1420Edit

Phoen Principes appears: same as ours.

172. 1440Edit

Capua temple, do Trade goods: max growth: 3+5+(5-2=0+3). Ostia musketeers get target practice, drop to 49%. Japs produce musketeers 11/22/1.5, cost 21.

Overweight units designedEdit

173. 1460Edit

New redcoated overweight musketeers 64/48/1.5, cost 56. Start four after a spot of "selling".

Research Mathematics. Tax 40%, cash 62-3, research 15.

174. 1480Edit

Ostia's musk gained more practice while successfully defending.

Capua [5], max prodn: 1+8+(5-2=1+2).

Start new south-west city, flanked by defenders on hills.

175. 1500Edit

Ostia's musketeer gets third stripe with another 51% drop. Roma will reach max size but must build a redcoat.

Now 10-year intervals

177. 1520Edit

Paestum Barracks, starts redcoat. 1+2+(4-1=1+2).

178. 1530Edit

Mathematics > Metallurgy.

Six cities by 1550Edit

180. 1550Edit

Tarquinia founded: will reach [3] in 20 turns. Phoenician dragoon 48/16/2.5, cost 48.

181. 1560Edit

Capua redcoats. Ostia needed two defenders, but both held and gained a level.

182. 1570Edit

Tax 50%, cash 31+0, research 10.

186. 1610Edit

No enemies in view recently. Capua builds second redcoat and switches to max growth: 2+7+(6-2=2+2).

Cash 31+0, research 11.

187. 1620Edit

Edo gets first redcoats and switches to max growth: 3+1+0.

189. 1640Edit

Roma [6] plus settlers, start aqueduct: 3+0+(5+5).

Ostia Temple, max growth, start aqueduct: 4+2+(10-3=4+3).

Cash 31-1, research 11.

190. 1650Edit

Roma [7]: after some rehoming of units, 2+4+(6+5).

Paestum has a redcoat from Capua, so max growth: 2+2+(4-1=2+1).

Cash 31+1, research 11.

193. 1680Edit

Metallurgy > Ballistics

Capua redcoat, starts cathedral: 1+8+(7-3=2+2).

194. 1690Edit

Misunderstood manual?? A hardened Phoenician musketeer 48/32, i.e. attack strength 72 (possibly a little less because he was 94% in 1670), defeats our hardened musketeer (39/26) who has just arrived on a hill: defensive strength was expected to be (26 x 1.5) doubled, i.e. 78. Evidently the hill's "+100%" applies only to the basic defensive strength, i.e. totalling 65. (no consolation to see the attacker down to 10% health!)

The "Combat" section of "Concepts" in the manual does, in fact, say clearly that the following enhancements for defenders are accumulative, not multiplicative: experience; terrain bonus (in this case +100%); wall or fortress; fortification. So our militia must wait a turn on the hill before getting the maximum: 26+13+26+0+13=78. On a mountain he would be 91 after waiting a turn.

So we revert to previous situation and replay 1680 slightly differently.

Ostia [7]: 5+2+(12-4=4+4). Cash 35+1, research 12.

197. 1720Edit

Egyptians talk; we get Steam Engine for Gunpowder.

Ostia [8]; max research: 1+7+(12-4=4+4).

Paestum [4]: 3+3+(6-2=2+2).

Cash 39+2; research 14.

199. 1740Edit

Roma [8]: max prodn: 1 profit, 6 production, (6+5).

Cash 41+3, research 13.

200. 1750Edit

Paestum builds its redcoat, starts temple.

Tarquinia [3]: 3+2+0.

201. 1752Edit

Two-year intervals now.

Edo [4]; max prodn: 0+5+0.

202. 1754Edit

Ship finds Nottingham [8].

Capua short-term switch to complete Cathedral precisely: 0+9+(6-2=2+2)

205. 1760Edit

Persians gone. Population was away above us and friends until halved about 4ooAD; military power was generally better than ours till very recently; tech was similar to Egyptians'

Capua Cathedral; starts Great Wall: 1+8+(7-3=2+2).

Cash 59+2, research 13.

206. 1762Edit

Roma has a swamp converted to forest; briefly max growth: 3+4+(7+6).

Japs have new cavalry 60/20/2.5. Hardened cavalry 90 versus green musketeers 72: no contest. So we stop building 2nd musketeer, selling work, and switch to Trade goods to sit out the destruction or get the Great Wall in place: 0+5+0

Ostia brief switch: 2+6+(13-4=4+5)

Tax down to 40%: cash 101+4, research 17

207. 1764Edit

Roma Aqueduct, start cathedral: 1 profit, 6 prodn, (5+7)

Ostia ditto: 0+8+(12-4=3+5)

Rehoming lets Capua produce 9, so Gt Wall is only 43 turns away.

208. 1766Edit

Ballistics > Science. Talk to Americans, get Tactics for Ballistics. Metallurgy doesn't interest them. Egy talk: we get Railroad for Ballistics.

Cash 109+2, research 16

211. 1772Edit

Tarquinia briefly max prodn: 1+3+0.

212. 1774Edit

Paestum [5]: 1+3+(6-2=2+2).

Tarquinia Town Hall, start Temple: 3+2+(4-1=1+2).

Cash 117+2, research 18.

213. 1776Edit

Paestum temple, start cathedral: 4+3+(8-3=2+3).

Capua [7]: 0+11+(8-3=2+3); so GW 30 turns away.

Cah 121+1, research 20.

Industrial AgeEdit

214. 1778Edit

Science > Tactics

Tarquinia [4], hurry production: 2+4+(6-2=2+2).

Science gives Capua extra trade but it's corrupted: 0+11+(9-4=2+3), Ostia extra resource: 0+9+(12-3=4+5).

Cash 123+2, research 20. Tax 30%: cash 123-1, research 23.

217. 1784Edit

Empty British longboats visit Capua.

Tarquinia switches: 3+3+(6-2=1+3).

218. 1786Edit

Tactics > Military Research to improve on our 39/26.

Ostia switch: 1 profit, 8 prodn, 12-4=2+6.

219. 1788Edit

Ostia Cathedral, start Mil Acad, max growth: 5+4+(14-5=3+6).

Cash 119-1, research 23.

221. 1792Edit

Ostia lost a man, only just, when I had calculated that he would just survive; recalculation shows that I shouldn't have. [7] (35/40) 5+2+12-4=2+6).

Roma switch: -1+8+(3+7)

222. 1794Edit

Egy talk: we get Steel for Tactics.

Ostia [8]: 5+4+(14-5=3+6).

223. 1796Edit

Riflemen 63/42/1.5, cost 50.

Roma Cathedral, start Riflemen: 1 profit, 6, (4+8)

Paestum (hosting British visit) [6], hurry prodn: 3+5+(10-3=2+5)

Cash 111-2, research 25.

225. 1800Edit

Lost settler - Phoen horses exploring further north. Integrated two Town Guards.

Tarquinia temple: 4+2+(6-2=1+3).

Cash 107-4, research 25.

226. 1802Edit

Ostia [9]: 5+6+(16-5=3+8).

Cash 104-4, research 27.

227. 1804Edit

Steel > Military for the ultimate Overweight with 3 armor modules

Roma first unrestricted Riflemen: 2+7+(4+8).

Find Trondheim - British.

228. 1806Edit

Tarquinia [5] and switch to barracks: 5+2+(8-3=2+3).

Cash 102-3, research 27.

230. 1810Edit

Ostia [10], max prodn: 0+12+(15-5=3+7).

232. 1814Edit

New Riflemen, seeming to run but Overweight: 42/84/1.5, cost 60. Research Code of Laws.

Roma [9]: 3+7+(4+10).

233. 1816Edit

Roma old Rifl.

234. 1818Edit

Ostia Military Academy, start new Rifleman (one every 5 turns).

235. 1820Edit

Code of Laws > Railroad.

236. 1822Edit

Lost an old Rifleman on a forest to a possibly slightly unhealthy vet dragoon: recalculate: Rifleman 42, hardened +21, Forest +21, total 84; Dragoon 48, vet 84, and 100% if he had fully recovered: they should both have gone. Such is life.

Paestum [7] without cathedral: 1+5+(10-3=2+5).

Tarquinia [6]: 2+6+(10-4=2+4).

237. 1824Edit

Roma old Rifl, Ostia new Rifl.

Paestum Cathedral, start new Rifl: 4+5+(12-4=2+6).

Cash 111-7, research 30.

238. 1826Edit

Roma [10]: 2+9+(4+10).

239. 1828Edit

Railroad > Currency

240. 1830Edit

Tarquinia barracks, start new Rifl: 0+8+(8-3=2+3).

243. 1836Edit

Currency > Poetry

Capua builds Great Wall, starts new Rifleman.

Edo starts Barracks.

Tax 70%: cash 68+1, research 11.

British have a Galleon: 0/48/3.5, carry 4, cost 60.

246. 1842Edit

Mongols gone. Big declines starting about 1200AD and very recently; military power mostly away below ours; tech a bit above ours.

247. 1844Edit

Roma [8] plus settlers, start marketplace: 3+5+(9+4).

Paestum [8] and new Rifl, starts aqueduct: 4+6+(14-5=6+3).

248. 1846Edit

Roma [9]: 2+7+(10+4).

Tarquinia new Rifl, start marketplace: 1+7+(10-4=4+2).

250. 1850Edit

Annual increments from now on.

251. 1851Edit

Edo barracks, starts new Rifleman.

Find Moskva: British; red territory nearby.

253. 1853Edit

Poetry > Monarchy

Neapolis, new west coast city: 1+1+0.

256. 1856Edit

Roma marketplace, start harbor: 2+7+(15+4).

Tarquinia marketplace, start cathedral: 1+7+(10-4=6+2).

Cash 73+4, research 12.

257. 1857Edit

Russians gone (as we expected: from 2000 to 500 AD they were among top population, then had drops and slow climbs till serious trouble about 1810; military similar to Persians', probably needing more attention from about 1100 AD, and the 1790 peak was too late; their tech was good early but only just above ours at the end.

Pompeii new city on eastern portage: 1+1+0.

258. 1858Edit

Roma [10]: 2+9+(15+4).

Jap dragoon 33/11 near Neapolis. Ha!

Paestum was on max growth but wasn't actually trying to do that or even max research; adjusted: 3+7+(14-5=6+3).

Capua switch: 0+9+(10-4=4+2).

Cash 82+4, research 13.

259. 1859Edit

Paestum aqueduct, start courthouse: 0+10+(11-4=5+2).

Cash 86+2, research 13.

Capua tweaks again: 0+7+(11-5=4+2)

260. 1860Edit

Paestum [9]: 4+7+(16-6=7+3).

Capua Harbour, start aqueduct: 3+5+(11-5=4+2).

Program is not very clever when we use "Go". Overweight units can get sent in an impossible direction instead of a route they can use, then when they reach a blind alley we get told "This unit can only mlove along roads and railroads." - which is wrong too, because they can move on rivers just as well as on roads.

Cash 90+3, research 14.

261. 1861Edit

Roma tweak: 2+7+(16+5).

263. 1863Edit

Monarchy > Steam Engine

Edo new Rifleman, start temple: 2+4+0.

Roma tweak: 2+5+(18+5).

Cash 102+6, research 15.

264. 1864Edit

Roma Harbor, start settlers: 2+9+(15+4).

Rifleman finds Osaka and may explore more.

Talk to Egy, get Banking for Metallurgy.

267. 1867Edit

Roma [11] with morale for 10: 0+9+(15+4).

Capua [8]: 2+7+(13-6=5+2).

269. 1869Edit

Roma [8] settlers, start theater: 4+3+(16+5).

270. 1870Edit

Paestum [10] and courthouse, start marketplace: 0+12+(15-2=9+4).

Cash 165+5, research 16.

271. 1871Edit

Tarquinia cathedral, start aqueduct: 6+2+(10-4=6+2).

272. 1872Edit

Steam Engine > Naval design

273. 1873Edit

Edo temple, start old rifleman.

Tarquinia [7]: 6+3+(12-5:7+2)

274. 1874Edit

Roma [10]: 1+9+(15+4).

Capua aqueduct, start coastal fortress: 3+5+(13-6=5+2).

275. 1875Edit

Paestum marketplace, start theater: 4+8+(18-3:16+4).

Edo [5]: 2+6+0.

276. 1876Edit

British ship sinks our ship.

Capua [9]: 3+5+(15-7=6+2).

Cut tax to 60%: cash 209+1, research 22.

277. 1877Edit

Neapolis Town Hall, start granary: 1+2+(1+1).

279. 1879Edit

Cruiser: 180/36/4.5, cost 224, Arty, carry 2. Research Banking.

Roma Theater, start Longboats for eastern reconnaissance.

Tarquinia [8]: 4+6+(14-6:7+3).

281. 1881Edit

Someone has destroyed Kyoto.

283. 1883Edit

Paestum theater, start granary.

Capua [10]: 3+5+(17-8=5+4).

284. 1884Edit

Japs are not as weak as one might hope.

Roma [11]: 4+3+(18+8).

285. 1885Edit

Banking > Industrialization

Paestum [11], switches to Harbor: 3+10+(19-3:15+6).

286. 1886Edit

British empty galleon visits Capua.

Roma longboats, start coastal fortress.

289. 1889Edit

Roma [12]: 1 profit, 9 prodn, (16+7)

Capua [11] with morale for 10: 1 profit, 5 prodn, (17-8=5+4).

Edo [6]: 3+7+0.

Tarquinia aqueduct, start courthouse: 6+4+(14-6:7+3).

Cash 279+4, research 25.

290. 1890Edit

Capua Coastal Fortress, start theater: 0+7+(17-8=5+4).

Tarquinia [9]: 5+6+(16-6:9+4).

291. 1891Edit

Paestum Harbor, start bank: 0+13+(17-3:12+6).

Cash 289+0, research 26.

293. 1893Edit

Edo new rifl, start old rifl. Japs have new stronger unit (elite) 93/62/2.5, cost 80.

Neapolis [3]: 2+3+(3-1=1+1).

294. 1894Edit

Pompeii Town Hall, start granary: 1+2+(1+1).

295. 1895Edit

Industrialization > Environmentalism

297. 1897Edit

Roma Coastal Fortress, start factory.

Tarquinia [10], sells unfinished work and starts factory: 2+10+(16-6:9+4).

Pompeii [3]: 1+3+(3-1=1+1).

Cash 342+0, research 27.

298. 1898Edit

Ostia stops military, starts factory.

Capua theater, starts factory: 3+5+(19-9=6+4).

300. 1900Edit

Find Sparta [12] (Phoenician) with 48/32 defense. Our ships see no way to reach it.

302. 1902Edit

Spanish gone: been declining since 1780; territory exceeded Egyptians' just before that; military power was too low for centuries before; their tech was similar to Americans'.

Paestum bank, start factory: 4+8+(20-3:22+7).

Edo [7] with morale for 6.

303. 1903Edit

Neapolis granary, start cathedral.

304. 1904Edit

Paestum [12]: 0+14+(19-3:22+6)

Tax down to 50%: cash 378-4, research 33.

306. 1906Edit

Environmentalism > Sanitation

Capua [12]: 0+11+(19-9=5+5).

Edo Town Hall, start settlers: 1+7+(8-6=1+1)

310. 1910Edit

Galleon (64/32/3.5Arty?) sinks our ship and rifleman out east.

Elite principes (remember him?) finds Izumo [3] with green 6/6 defending.

311. 1911Edit

Disarm Izumo.

312. 1912Edit

Edo [5] plus settlers, start courthouse: 4+4+(8-6=1+1).

313. 1913Edit

French gone: trouble from 1860; military power was impressive around 700 AD but then levelled off; tech was above Americans'.

Neapolis [4]: 1+5+6-2=2+2)

315. 1915Edit

Sanitation > Trade. Americans and Egyptians not interested in Sanitation.

Pompeii granary, start cathedral.

316. 1916Edit

Tarquinia factory, start settlers: 2+15+(16-6:7+5)

Ostia factory, start courthouse: 1+18+(15-5=5+5)

318. 1918Edit

Paestum factory, start sewer system: 3+15+(21-4:20+8)

319. 1919Edit

Trade > (focus Mobile Warfare) Chemistry

Tarquinia [8] plus settlers, start courthouse: 3+9+(14-6:6+4).

320. 1920Edit

Roma factory, start sewer system: 1 profit, 13 prodn, (13+9)

Edo [6]: 2+7+(8-6=1+1).

321. 1921Edit

Tarquinia [9]: 2+12+(16-6:7+5)

322. 1922Edit

Ostia courthouse, start marketplace: 3+15+(16-2=7+7)

Capua factory, start courthouse: 0+16+(19-9=5+5)

Cash 348-16, research 38.

323. 1923Edit

Pompeii [4]: 1+5+(5-1=2+2)

324. 1924Edit

Nasty galleon near Pompeii: Phoenician.

326. 1926Edit

Ostia marketplace, start bank: 0+19+(14-2:9+6)

Paestum sewer system, start coastal fortress: 4+12+(22-4:20+9)

Tarquinia courthouse, start granary: 2+12+(16-3:10+6)

Cash 408-15, research 40

327. 1927Edit

Paestum [13]: 4+12+(24-4:22+10)

Capua courthouse, start marketplace: 0+16+(19-4=8+7)

Edo courthouse, start old riflemen: 2+7+(8-3=3+2)

Neapolis cathedral, start coastal fortress

Cash 479 (extra from automatic sale of two town halls)-11, research 44.

328. 1928Edit

Chemistry > Explosives

Izumo [3] with no defense so we capture it.

329. 1929Edit

Neapolis [5]: 4+3+(7-3=2+2)

330. 1930Edit

Roma sewer system, start bank: 5+4+(22-0:16+11)

Cash 541-9 (yes, aqueducts get sold too), research 46.

331. 1931Edit

Roma [13]: 5+4+(24-0:18+12)

Capua marketplace > Sewer system: 2+10+(21-5:12+8)

Tarquinia granary, start bank: 4+9+(16-3:10+6)

Izumo takeover complete, max production: 3 profit.

Cash 538-1, research 49

333. 1933Edit

Ostia [11] and bank: start theater:1(profit)+15+(16-2:15+7)

Paestum coastal fortress, start our first library

334. 1934Edit

Neapolis [6]: 3+5+(9-4=3+2)

Tax 30% to get Explosives next turn: cash 547-32, research 69

335. 1935Edit

Explosives > Refining

Edo musketeer, start Engineers.

337. 1937Edit

Roma [14]: 2+13+(22-0:10+15)

Ostia Theatre, start engineers: 0+21+(16-2:9+10)

Paestum [14]: 2+18+(24-4:13+14)

338. 1938Edit

Edo [7] briefly: 0+7+(9-3=2+4)

Phoenicians are scampering for safety in Sparta in the face of our three good units and two recovering units.

Egyptians have been in population or territory trouble since 1890: British influence suspected.

339. 1939Edit

Ostia [9] plus engineers, start old riflemen: 3+11+(15-2:9+9)

Paestum Library: start Colossus:

Tarquinia [10]: 1 profit +15+(16-3:6+9)

Pompeii cathedral, start coastal fortress: 2+3+(6-2=1+3)

Phoenic have a 50/50 with Arty; he's a bit hurt; and he's left Sparta empty!!


340. 1940Edit

Babylonians gone: in 1915 their population was just above ours; 1880 they started a big military build-up but it was too late or too little; their tech had surpassed Egypt's.

Edo [5] plus engineers, start new rifleman: 3+4+(8-3=2+3)

Pompeii [5]: 1+5+(7-2=2+3) but wait for moves on Sparta!

Capture Sparta [11] !! with barracks and aqueduct - would have been [10] if the guy had gone home, but he just sat. Pompeii hasn't lost any besiegers, so they must be from elsewhere.

Japanese talk and we become friends; we get Democracy for Environmentalism, Automobile for Sanitation, Magnetism for Metallurgy.

341. 1941Edit

Refining > Automobile

Capua Sewer system, start freight: 3+7+(21-5:7+11)

Tarquinia bank, start freight: 1 profit +15+(16-3:9+9)

Neapolis [7]: 2+6+(11-5=2+4)

342. 1942Edit

Capua [13] and sees that its freight would be too late: change to offshore platform.

343. 1943Edit

Automobile > Democracy

Roma Bank, start engineers: 2+13+(22-0:15+15)

Sparta takeover complete, sell aqueduct, start engineers: -1+5+0 (it will drop once)

Find Athens [8] with 48/32: tempting.

344. 1944Edit

Ostia rifleman, start library.

Sparta [10]: 0+6+0

Capture Athens [7] with barracks and aqueduct.

345. 1945Edit

Ostia [10]: 1 profit +16+(15-2:9+9)

Tarquinia freight, start library.

Neapolis coastal fortress, start courthouse: 0+7+(12-5=2+5)

British nasty galleon sniffs at Izumo.

346. 1946Edit

Democracy > ground unit design

Roma [13] plus engineers, start library: 1 profit +13+(20-0:13+14)

World's second Wonder - oursEdit

347. 1947Edit

Paestum builds Colossus and starts granary.

Athens takeover complete. sell aqueduct: -2+2+0

Tax to 10% to finish military this turn: cash 336-77, research 99.

348. 1948Edit

Blue-suited infantry: 124/93/1.5, cost 70. Research Magnetism.

Capua [14]: 0+16+(23-5:3+16) - but ":139+9)" after tax back to stable level

Athens [6], continuing engineers, but 0+2+0. (lots of sea; but that start position was almost a winner in another game on this map)

Tax up to 50%: cash 259+2, research 53.

Ostia and Tarquinia sell uncompleted libraries (poor value now) and switch to Infantry; Edo also switches witjout losing any value.

349. 1949Edit

Pompeii [6]: 2+6+(9-3=3+3) but enemy has found the inlet.

Settler resumes mining at Edo where he left off a long time ago: 10.5/12.

351. 1951Edit

Paestum granary, start offshore platform:

Sparta [8] plus engineers (who may build a long road north-west and/or an inland city), start second engineers: 0+4+0

352. 1952Edit

Magnetism > Mobile Warfare

Roma Library, start offshore platform: 4+4+(24-0:27+18)

Sparta switches to infantry because enemies have a new fast piece.

354. 1954Edit

Spend 228 to complete Sparta Infantry!

355. 1955Edit

Capua offshore platform, start bank.

Pompeii coastal fortress, start harbor: 2+6+(9-3=3+3)

356. 1956Edit

Paestum [15]: 4+12+(28-5:27+16)

Neapolis courthouse, start marketplace: 3+6+(12-2=5+5)

357. 1957Edit

Roma[14]: 1 profit +13+(22-0:24+16)

Neapolis [8] and switches to factory: 0+9+(14-3=6+5)

Reports from Sparta suggest that the money was well spent.

358. 1958Edit

Ostia [11] and 2nd elite infantry (starting third): 2+16+(18-3:18+7).

359. 1959Edit

Mobile Warfare > Electricity

Edo Infantry, start second.

Sparta's infantry has a third stripe.

Egy talk: we get The Corporation for Mobile Warfare.

360. 1960Edit

Capua Bank, start The Oracle: 2+24+(25-6:22+9)

Pompeii [7]: 1+8+(10-3=4+3)

361. 1961Edit

Paestum [16]: 1 profit +21+(27-5:24+16)

Start new city on hill north of Edo.

362. 1962Edit

Tarquinia builds another hardened infantry, starts Michelangelo's Chapel.

363. 1963Edit

Paestum Offshore Platform, starts Eiffel Tower: 0+27+(27-5:24+16).

364. 1964Edit

Pompeii harbor, starts courthouse: 3+4+(12-4=4+4).

365. 1965Edit

Capua [15] and spends 12 to get Wonder next turn: -2+27+(23-5:20+9).

366. 1966Edit

Electricity >

Capua Oracle, start Library.

Sparta second infantry, start coastal fortress.

367. 1967Edit

Chinese gone: peak population and territory a little higher than ours about 1910 then steep plunge; military power had been above ours but from about 1840 it wasn't growing as fast; tech was above Americans' over last 100 yr.

Ostia [12]: 0+21+(18-3:18+7).

Athens [4] plus engineers (who will head inland), start more engineers: 2+2+0.

Ercolanum new city near Edo, start Town Hall: 1+2+0.

368. 1968Edit

Roma offshore platform, start Sun Tzu: 1 profit +21+(25-0:29+18).

But Oracle seems to be working: cash 323+53, research 68. So - tax down to 40%, cash 323+1, research 86.

369. 1969Edit

Capua Library, start engineers: 1 profit +27+(26-6:18+18).

Pompeii [8]: 0+10+(11-4=3+4).

370. 1970Edit

Athens engineer starts city NNW of Sparta.

371. 1971Edit

Capua [13] plus engineers, start Power Station: 0+21+(24-5:18+16) British have a transport: 0/276/4.5, carry 8, cost 140 (but this one is empty; more significant, it is green, which means they didn't have a Dockyard where it was built).

372. 1972Edit

Radio > Ground unit research

Edo has two infantry and starts factory: 1+8+(7-2=2+3)

Americans talk: we get University for Radio. Egyp talk: we get Amphibious Warfare for Radio. Japanese talk: we get Physics for Radio and Navigation for Electricity and Combustion Engine for Mobile Warfare.

374. 1974Edit

Alba Longa new city on portage north of Sparta (using its wheat): 1+2+0.

British have an Ironclad: 368/184/4.5, artillery, cost 196. Ouch!

Evacuate Athens and sell its barracks. Pay 76 to finish Sparta's fortress, which will give our elite infantry defensive strength of at least 196+93=289 if they've been unmoved for a turn; that will make Brit Ironclad a bit unhealthy for a while (and they don't heal at sea). If we built one of our Cruisers now, its attack strength would be 180; wait to build a dockyard and it could deal with Ironclad. But we can now design better ships. Give us time! Our ship-sinking ground units are nearly available.

375. 1975Edit

British reduce Athens to [2] as expected; switch to Trade Goods:

New Howitzer: 220/44/2/5, Arty, cost 108. Research Amphibious Warfare.

Ostia finishes another infantry and starts a run of howitzers.

Pompeii courthouse, start factory: 0+10 (11-2=4+5).

Sparta coastal fortress, start engineers.

376. 1976Edit

Capua Power Station, start tade goods: 2+28+(23-5:15+16)

Find Corinth [9] defended by Engineer.

377. 1977Edit

Start new inland cities south of Ostia and south-west of Neapolis.

378. 1978Edit

Amphibious Warfare > Navigation

'Roma builds Sun Tzu's War Academy, starts Power Station: -1+24+(22-0:20+19)

First elite howitzer rolls southward.

379. 1979Edit

Neapolis factory, starts Power Station: 1 profit +13+(14-3=4+7)

Capua starts Dockyard.

380. 1980Edit

Tarquinia builds Michelangelo's Chapel, starts Hydroelectric Dam: 4+10+(18-3:13+9)

Second howitzer sets up inland west of Paestum.

381. 1981Edit

Navigation > ship design (for troop transport with maximum armor and artillery)

Disarm Corinth [5].

382. 1982Edit

Capua Dockyard, starts Cruiser despite cost.

Sparta [6] plus engineers (who will go inland, possibly for a link to Corinth then a new city); do more of them: 0+6+0.

Capture Corinth [4]; and it's not coastal.

383. 1983Edit

Roma Power Station, start Dockyard: 0+32+(22-0:20+19) (and will then have two turns of 24 with more trade).

Aquileia new city south of Ostia: 1+1+0.

Tarracina new city near Neapolis: 2+1+0 but should soon add a resource.

384. 1984Edit

New Destroyer 184/368/4.5, Arty, carry 4, cost 224. Research Astronomy.

Ostia builds 3rd howitzer, starts Power Station.

Tarquinia [11]: 4+13+(18-3:13+9)

385. 1985Edit

Paestum builds Eiffel Tower, starts Power Station: 3+22+(29-5:22+21)

Corinth takeover complete, sell aqueduct, start Town Hall: 0+6+0.

Rifleman finds British Ironclad north-east of Corinth. Curtains, probably, but very valuable info and may save a city by damaging ship.

386. 1986Edit

Roma Dockyard, start Cruiser: 4+24+(26-0:22+24)

Casinum new city on river in middle of main drag: 1+1+0

387. 1987Edit

Astronomy > (focus Electronics) Physics

Capua [14]: 2+32+(25-6:18+16)

Athen [3]: 2+2+0

Ercolanum Town Hall, start barracks: 1+2+(1-0=0+1)

389. 1989Edit

Temple of Zeus has been destroyed. What a pity; could have been useful.

Ostia Power Station, start Library: 0+28+(18-3:13+9)

Tarquinia [12]: 3+16+(18-3:13+9)

Neapolis Hydroelectric Dam, start aqueduct: 1 profit +18+(14-3=4+7)

Sparta [4] plus engineers, start Town Hall: 0+4+0

390. 1990Edit

British Ironclad further damaged by infantry north of Alba Longa: 72%. It dies before reaching Alba, and howitzer gains 30% experience (useless for an elite unit). Now - do they have more?

Physics > Theory of Gravity

Paestum Power Station, start Observatory: 3+30+(29-5:22+21)

Capua Cruiser, starts another.

Tarquinia Hydro, starts sewer system; 1 profit +26+(16-3:11+8)

Cruiser finds a bit more land and hopes there's no ironclad near.

Empty British galleon possibly looking to be killed: we could, with downside and no upside.

391. 1991Edit

Second ironclad gets howitzer and has one stripe but is down to 24%, just a fraction over what it needs to kill another howitzer on open ground.

Roma [15]: 4+26+(28-0:24+25)

Find Byblus [12] with ordinary defense.

392. 1992Edit

Ostia Libray, start howitzer (and send the northern one south-east): 0+28+(18-3:13+13)

Corinth Town Hall, start temple: 3+3+(6-4=1+1)

Capture Byblus [11].

Third ironclad near Alba Longa [2].

Phoenicians gone: from 1800-1870 they were top known nation in population; about 100 AD their territory was top; military power was above ours from 1760 till they lost Athens (except when we briefly spiked about 1890); tech was not competitive: Tactics, Explosives, Ballistics, Amphibious Warfare, but no Code of Laws, Bridge Building, Railroad, or Steel.

394. 1994Edit

Paestum [17]: 2+34+(30-5:22+22)

Neapolis aqueduct, start temple: 3+14+(14-3=4+7)

Alba Longa Town Hall, start barracks: 0+2+(2-1=0+1)

Howitzer finds two nasty Brit galleons east of Byblus, sinks the one-striper.

395. 1995Edit

East howitzer dies - they had another nasty one.

Theory of Gravity > Atomic Theory

Roma Cruiser, starts another

Tarquinia sewer system, starts Hanging Gardens.

Pompeii factory, starts engineers

Byblus takeover complete: start engineers: -2+4+0

396. 1996Edit

British cut Alba down to [2].

Roma [16]: 0+36+(26-0:22+24)

Capua [15]: 0+38+(25-6:18+16)

Edo factory, start hydro: 1+12+(7-2=2+3)

Byblus [10]: 0+4+0

Sink one-stripe ironclad at Alba.

See separate pages 1st 100 turns etc.

(to be continued)