1 turn. 3950 BCEdit

One year into it. Choose to research The Wheel for trade on roads. Looks like 3 turns away, i.e. 9 beakers. Cut tax to 0% to boost trade (4 beakers) while no expenses and with 1 gold in kitty. Start road.

3 turns. 3850Edit

Researched Wheel, choose Warrior Code. Road in place; irrigate; should have irrigated first, because until we do we won't be using that plain.

6. 3700Edit

Warrior Code > Horseback Riding. Irrigation is "4.5/6"; remembered to click "I" again after checking, to send him back to work.

7. 3650Edit

Irrigation. Move to 2nd plain (discovering more forest), noting now 3 food, 1 resource, and 5 trade.

8. 3600Edit


11. 3450Edit

Horseback Riding > Bronze Working.

12. 3400Edit

Irrigation; so "R". 3 food, 2 resources, 5 trade. Food box has been quietly filling and has 36/40. Switch (belatedly?) to "Maximize Research" to get the Town Guard built to keep Citizen 5 content when he or she arrives. 1 food, 3 production (on top of the 5 there), 5 trade. Should work just about right.

14. 3300Edit

Road. Plain seems to have river, so we zip back to Roma. With that road, "Maximize Research" pulls worker from forest to plain, which won't do: "Maximize Production" restores the game plan: 1 food, 4 resources, 5 trade.

15. 3250Edit

Settler to 3rd plain.

16. 3200Edit

Bronze Working > "Military Research": "New unit design (Ground)" 18/12/1.5, cost 20. Safety first. Population growth to 5; Citizen 5 temporarily joins the Control Brigade (eating 2 food and therefore causing a switch in the automatic distribution so as to maintain food stocks), because our official guard is only 19/20 built. 0 food, 3 resources, 5 trade.

17.3150: Town GuardEdit

Production complete. Five citizens working. Town Guard provides 2 morale points and requires one unit of material for support. Maximizing growth will see us hitting 6 in 10 turns, meanwhile building Barracks very slowly. Stay with Max Reso to do barracks in 10: 1 net food, 4 net resources (i.e. production), 6 trade.

19. 3050: First military researchEdit

New units are called "Principes". Focus on Seafaring, research Pottery.

20. 3000Edit

Irrigated 3rd plain: "R". 2 food, 4 production, 6 trade.

22. 2900Edit

Road; move to grassland. 2 food, 4 production, 7 trade.

23. 2850Edit


24. 2800Edit

Pottery > Alphabet.

25. 2750Edit

Road. Settler moves to plain outside city radius.

26. 2700Edit

"R". Barracks now 38 so switch to "Maximize Growth" - 4 food, 2 production, 8 trade.

27. 2650: BarracksEdit

Barracks complete: start Principes (10 turns). Tax rate up to cover barracks maintenance: 10% might do but 20% preferred because it gives us a little cushion against fluctuations in trade.

4 food, 2 production, 8 trade (2 tax + 6 research).

28. 2600Edit

Road, just an easy one move from Roma, and we can explore best using a ship initially, so we bring the settler back and prepare to mine our hill.

29. 2550Edit

Alphabet > Map Making. Settler to hill.

30. 2500Edit


33. 2350Edit

Population growth: Roma [6]. Storage 3/40, surplus 5. Eight more turns at this rate will take us to 7 with one wasted worker. So switch to max production but surplus still 3, so we really need that mine.


35. 2250Edit

Principes built. When the mine is ready, one of the "3 food" workers will switch to it, but there will still be a surplus - so we will start a settler soon. But Longboats will be available next turn, so we do Trade Goods this turn.

3+4+(2+7); cash "10+1" (but probably "10+5" if refreshed).

36. 2200Edit

"New units are ready for production." Longboats. 0/3/2.5. cost 20. So we will start one. Map Making > Seafaring. Send Principes off for a little exploration near the coast waiting to board the ship when it starts off exploring the southern sea.

Cash 15+5 before switching to ship production, 15+1 after. 15 should be enough buffer, so cut tax to 10%:

3+4+(1+8), cash 15+0.

38. 2100Edit

Mine (which will now get a road). Worker switches there from fish. Longboats 8/20, production 8. Food 18/40, surplus 1. Principes finds more water and unappealing land out east.

2100 BC

1+6+(1+6). Cash 15+0.

40. 2000Edit

Longboats unit appears and head south. Principes heads south-west towards ship, and we find that our southern sea is just a 5-tile lake. Ship will head north and Principes will possibly board it later but will first explore land south and west of lake for a city site.

42. 1900Edit

Road on hill; settler runs south-west to prairie.

43. 1850Edit

"R". Ship finds Arctic.

44. 1800Edit

Seafaring > (focus Engineering) Masonry. Switch to "Hurry Production" so that new settler (24/40) will be built just before population reaches 7. Ship reaches dead end.


45. 1750Edit

Road on prairie. Settler moves west to plain.

46. 1700Edit

"R". Principes steps onto mountain to get wider view.

48. 1600Edit

New settler built and heads south-west, Roma[4]. Start 2nd Principes. Switch to max growth. Old settler moves to grassland. Principes (having had to wait on the mountain) reveals more.

2+2+(1+5), cash 15+0.

49. 1550Edit

Old settler starts road; new settler has decided where to build and moves to forest to build access road; site will be on hill, sharing a grassland with Roma but just clear of the tiles that will be used by a western coastal city (no matter which of three possible sites that chooses); it will have two other grasslands, three plains, a pond, forests, hills, and two mountains including one with iron.

50. 1500Edit


3+2+(1+7), cash 15+0.

53. 1350Edit

Masonry > Construction. Ship and Principes are exploring westward while old settler improves radius of proposed 2nd city.

55. 1250Edit

Start 2nd city.


58. 1100Edit

Finished 2nd Principes, who heads east to explore more. Start 3rd settlers.

1000 BC and later, 2nd city soonEdit

61. 975 BCEdit

25-year intervals from 1000 BC

Ostia 2nd city, using irrigated plain. 1 food, 1 production, building Town Hall; it will be done in 40 turns, same time as population grows (unless we speed things by becoming a Monarchy, which is unlikely).

Roma settlers 6/40; 4+2+(1+7).

62. 950Edit

Construction > Engineering

63. 925Edit

Roma [6], food 1/40; continuing at max growth would have us at 7 long before settler finished, so adjust using "Hurry Production": 3+4+(1+8).

71. 725Edit

Engineering > (focus Gunpowder) Ceremonial Burial. 3rd settlers unit built (and goes south-west); start 3rd Principes. Earlier Principes are near extreme west and east of known landmass, turning back towards south-centre. Ship is finding west coast with glimpses of what could be islands or other continents.

Roma [4], back to "Maximize Growth", 2+2+(1+5); Ostia 1+1+0.

75. 625Edit

"We have contact to the Greeks now" - militia approaces one of our settlers. We should put a unit in Ostia in case militia visits there.

76. 600Edit

Switch Roma to Max Prodn so that it stays at 4 for a while, as we send Guard to Ostia. 0+3+(1+4).

78. 550Edit

Start 3rd city on coast (on tundra, which is poor in principle, but the location fits very well with other sites).

79. 525Edit

Roma produces 3rd Principes (which heads for Ostia) and starts another (1/20). Temporary handicap reduces productivity because a size 4 city is supporting a Town Guard plus five other units, so 0+2+(1+4). Guard will be back soon, so resume max growth, food 35/40 + 2, material 3-2=1 production, trade 1+5.

80. 500Edit

Principes reaches Ostia and accepts support from there, restoring Roma to 2+2+(1+5), and Guard heads for home.

82. 450Edit

Roma [5], food 1/40 +3, material 3-1=2, trade 1+7.

Three cities from 400 BCEdit

84. 400Edit

Paestum, 3rd city, coastal, using irrigated plain, building Town Hall (40 turns away, as is the next citizen). Roma therefore 4+2+(1+7).

87. 325Edit

Ceremonial Burial > Mysticism.

89. 275Edit

Roma builds Principes - send it to Paestum, start another. Ship emerges from big fiddly harbour. Old settler creating road to next proposed city site observes another peculiarity of "borders"; there is a similar peculiarity south-east of Roma.


93. 175Edit

Roma [6], 5+2+(1+9).

98. 50BCEdit

Mysticism > Medicine (choosing the more advanced advance because it is more likely to appeal to potential friends). Rome has built Principes, starts settler, using max production (which will get the settler just as the population hits 7); 1+6+(1+6). Alternative was a temple, also "just in time", but we've invested time in the next city site.

Starting Anni DominiEdit

100. "0 AD"Edit

Someone should try to persuade Steffen to change that non-existent year.