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See C-evo_test_Book_31/3rd_100_turns

See C-evo_test_Book_31/5th_100_turns

302. 1902Edit

Spanish gone: been declining since 1780; territory exceeded Egyptians' just before that; military power was too low for centuries before; their tech was similar to Americans'.

Paestum bank, start factory: 4+8+(20-3:22+7).

Edo [7] with morale for 6.

303. 1903Edit

Neapolis granary, start cathedral.

304. 1904Edit

Paestum [12]: 0+14+(19-3:22+6)

Tax down to 50%: cash 378-4, research 33.

306. 1906Edit

Environmentalism > Sanitation

Capua [12]: 0+11+(19-9=5+5).

Edo Town Hall, start settlers: 1+7+(8-6=1+1)

310. 1910Edit

Galleon (64/32/3.5Arty?) sinks our ship and rifleman out east.

Elite principes (remember him?) finds Izumo [3] with green 6/6 defending.

311. 1911Edit

Disarm Izumo.

312. 1912Edit

Edo [5] plus settlers, start courthouse: 4+4+(8-6=1+1).

313. 1913Edit

French gone: trouble from 1860; military power was impressive around 700 AD but then levelled off; tech was above Americans'.

Neapolis [4]: 1+5+6-2=2+2)

315. 1915Edit

Sanitation > Trade. Americans and Egyptians not interested in Sanitation.

Pompeii granary, start cathedral.

316. 1916Edit

Tarquinia factory, start settlers: 2+15+(16-6:7+5)

Ostia factory, start courthouse: 1+18+(15-5=5+5)

318. 1918Edit

Paestum factory, start sewer system: 3+15+(21-4:20+8)

319. 1919Edit

Trade > (focus Mobile Warfare) Chemistry

Tarquinia [8] plus settlers, start courthouse: 3+9+(14-6:6+4).

320. 1920Edit

Roma factory, start sewer system: 1 profit, 13 prodn, (13+9)

Edo [6]: 2+7+(8-6=1+1).

321. 1921Edit

Tarquinia [9]: 2+12+(16-6:7+5)

322. 1922Edit

Ostia courthouse, start marketplace: 3+15+(16-2=7+7)

Capua factory, start courthouse: 0+16+(19-9=5+5)

Cash 348-16, research 38.

323. 1923Edit

Pompeii [4]: 1+5+(5-1=2+2)

324. 1924Edit

Nasty galleon near Pompeii: Phoenician.

326. 1926Edit

Ostia marketplace, start bank: 0+19+(14-2:9+6)

Paestum sewer system, start coastal fortress: 4+12+(22-4:20+9)

Tarquinia courthouse, start granary: 2+12+(16-3:10+6)

Cash 408-15, research 40

327. 1927Edit

Paestum [13]: 4+12+(24-4:22+10)

Capua courthouse, start marketplace: 0+16+(19-4=8+7)

Edo courthouse, start old riflemen: 2+7+(8-3=3+2)

Neapolis cathedral, start coastal fortress

Cash 479 (extra from automatic sale of two town halls)-11, research 44.

328. 1928Edit

Chemistry > Explosives

Izumo [3] with no defense so we capture it.

329. 1929Edit

Neapolis [5]: 4+3+(7-3=2+2)

330. 1930Edit

Roma sewer system, start bank: 5+4+(22-0:16+11)

Cash 541-9 (yes, aqueducts get sold too), research 46.

331. 1931Edit

Roma [13]: 5+4+(24-0:18+12)

Capua marketplace > Sewer system: 2+10+(21-5:12+8)

Tarquinia granary, start bank: 4+9+(16-3:10+6)

Izumo takeover complete, max production: 3 profit.

Cash 538-1, research 49

333. 1933Edit

Ostia [11] and bank: start theater:1(profit)+15+(16-2:15+7)

Paestum coastal fortress, start our first library

334. 1934Edit

Neapolis [6]: 3+5+(9-4=3+2)

Tax 30% to get Explosives next turn: cash 547-32, research 69

335. 1935Edit

Explosives > Refining

Edo musketeer, start Engineers.

337. 1937Edit

Roma [14]: 2+13+(22-0:10+15)

Ostia Theatre, start engineers: 0+21+(16-2:9+10)

Paestum [14]: 2+18+(24-4:13+14)

338. 1938Edit

Edo [7] briefly: 0+7+(9-3=2+4)

Phoenicians are scampering for safety in Sparta in the face of our three good units and two recovering units.

Egyptians have been in population or territory trouble since 1890: British influence suspected.

339. 1939Edit

Ostia [9] plus engineers, start old riflemen: 3+11+(15-2:9+9)

Paestum Library: start Colossus:

Tarquinia [10]: 1 profit +15+(16-3:6+9)

Pompeii cathedral, start coastal fortress: 2+3+(6-2=1+3)

Phoenic have a 50/50 with Arty; he's a bit hurt; and he's left Sparta empty!!


340. 1940Edit

Babylonians gone: in 1915 their population was just above ours; 1880 they started a big military build-up but it was too late or too little; their tech had surpassed Egypt's.

Edo [5] plus engineers, start new rifleman: 3+4+(8-3=2+3)

Pompeii [5]: 1+5+(7-2=2+3) but wait for moves on Sparta!

Capture Sparta [11] !! with barracks and aqueduct - would have been [10] if the guy had gone home, but he just sat. Pompeii hasn't lost any besiegers, so they must be from elsewhere.

Japanese talk and we become friends; we get Democracy for Environmentalism, Automobile for Sanitation, Magnetism for Metallurgy.

341. 1941Edit

Refining > Automobile

Capua Sewer system, start freight: 3+7+(21-5:7+11)

Tarquinia bank, start freight: 1 profit +15+(16-3:9+9)

Neapolis [7]: 2+6+(11-5=2+4)

342. 1942Edit

Capua [13] and sees that its freight would be too late: change to offshore platform.

343. 1943Edit

Automobile > Democracy

Roma Bank, start engineers: 2+13+(22-0:15+15)

Sparta takeover complete, sell aqueduct, start engineers: -1+5+0 (it will drop once)

Find Athens [8] with 48/32: tempting.

344. 1944Edit

Ostia rifleman, start library.

Sparta [10]: 0+6+0

Capture Athens [7] with barracks and aqueduct.

345. 1945Edit

Ostia [10]: 1 profit +16+(15-2:9+9)

Tarquinia freight, start library.

Neapolis coastal fortress, start courthouse: 0+7+(12-5=2+5)

British nasty galleon sniffs at Izumo.

346. 1946Edit

Democracy > ground unit design

Roma [13] plus engineers, start library: 1 profit +13+(20-0:13+14)

World's second Wonder - oursEdit

347. 1947Edit

Paestum builds Colossus and starts granary.

Athens takeover complete. sell aqueduct: -2+2+0

Tax to 10% to finish military this turn: cash 336-77, research 99.

348. 1948Edit

Blue-suited infantry: 124/93/1.5, cost 70. Research Magnetism.

Capua [14]: 0+16+(23-5:3+16) - but ":139+9)" after tax back to stable level

Athens [6], continuing engineers, but 0+2+0. (lots of sea; but that start position was almost a winner in another game on this map)

Tax up to 50%: cash 259+2, research 53.

Ostia and Tarquinia sell uncompleted libraries (poor value now) and switch to Infantry; Edo also switches witjout losing any value.

349. 1949Edit

Pompeii [6]: 2+6+(9-3=3+3) but enemy has found the inlet.

Settler resumes mining at Edo where he left off a long time ago: 10.5/12.

351. 1951Edit

Paestum granary, start offshore platform:

Sparta [8] plus engineers (who may build a long road north-west and/or an inland city), start second engineers: 0+4+0

352. 1952Edit

Magnetism > Mobile Warfare

Roma Library, start offshore platform: 4+4+(24-0:27+18)

Sparta switches to infantry because enemies have a new fast piece.

354. 1954Edit

Spend 228 to complete Sparta Infantry!

355. 1955Edit

Capua offshore platform, start bank.

Pompeii coastal fortress, start harbor: 2+6+(9-3=3+3)

356. 1956Edit

Paestum [15]: 4+12+(28-5:27+16)

Neapolis courthouse, start marketplace: 3+6+(12-2=5+5)

357. 1957Edit

Roma[14]: 1 profit +13+(22-0:24+16)

Neapolis [8] and switches to factory: 0+9+(14-3=6+5)

Reports from Sparta suggest that the money was well spent.

358. 1958Edit

Ostia [11] and 2nd elite infantry (starting third): 2+16+(18-3:18+7).

359. 1959Edit

Mobile Warfare > Electricity

Edo Infantry, start second.

Sparta's infantry has a third stripe.

Egy talk: we get The Corporation for Mobile Warfare.

360. 1960Edit

Capua Bank, start The Oracle: 2+24+(25-6:22+9)

Pompeii [7]: 1+8+(10-3=4+3)

361. 1961Edit

Paestum [16]: 1 profit +21+(27-5:24+16)

Start new city on hill north of Edo.

362. 1962Edit

Tarquinia builds another hardened infantry, starts Michelangelo's Chapel.

363. 1963Edit

Paestum Offshore Platform, starts Eiffel Tower: 0+27+(27-5:24+16).

364. 1964Edit

Pompeii harbor, starts courthouse: 3+4+(12-4=4+4).

365. 1965Edit

Capua [15] and spends 12 to get Wonder next turn: -2+27+(23-5:20+9).

366. 1966Edit

Electricity >

Capua Oracle, start Library.

Sparta second infantry, start coastal fortress.

367. 1967Edit

Chinese gone: peak population and territory a little higher than ours about 1910 then steep plunge; military power had been above ours but from about 1840 it wasn't growing as fast; tech was above Americans' over last 100 yr.

Ostia [12]: 0+21+(18-3:18+7).

Athens [4] plus engineers (who will head inland), start more engineers: 2+2+0.

Ercolanum new city near Edo, start Town Hall: 1+2+0.

368. 1968Edit

Roma offshore platform, start Sun Tzu: 1 profit +21+(25-0:29+18).

But Oracle seems to be working: cash 323+53, research 68. So - tax down to 40%, cash 323+1, research 86.

369. 1969Edit

Capua Library, start engineers: 1 profit +27+(26-6:18+18).

Pompeii [8]: 0+10+(11-4=3+4).

370. 1970Edit

Athens engineer starts city NNW of Sparta.

371. 1971Edit

Capua [13] plus engineers, start Power Station: 0+21+(24-5:18+16) British have a transport: 0/276/4.5, carry 8, cost 140 (but this one is empty; more significant, it is green, which means they didn't have a Dockyard where it was built).

372. 1972Edit

Radio > Ground unit research

Edo has two infantry and starts factory: 1+8+(7-2=2+3)

Americans talk: we get University for Radio. Egyp talk: we get Amphibious Warfare for Radio. Japanese talk: we get Physics for Radio and Navigation for Electricity and Combustion Engine for Mobile Warfare.

374. 1974Edit

Alba Longa new city on portage north of Sparta (using its wheat): 1+2+0.

British have an Ironclad: 368/184/4.5, artillery, cost 196. Ouch!

Evacuate Athens and sell its barracks. Pay 76 to finish Sparta's fortress, which will give our elite infantry defensive strength of at least 196+93=289 if they've been unmoved for a turn; that will make Brit Ironclad a bit unhealthy for a while (and they don't heal at sea). If we built one of our Cruisers now, its attack strength would be 180; wait to build a dockyard and it could deal with Ironclad. But we can now design better ships. Give us time! Our ship-sinking ground units are nearly available.

375. 1975Edit

British reduce Athens to [2] as expected; switch to Trade Goods:

New Howitzer: 220/44/2/5, Arty, cost 108. Research Amphibious Warfare.

Ostia finishes another infantry and starts a run of howitzers.

Pompeii courthouse, start factory: 0+10 (11-2=4+5).

Sparta coastal fortress, start engineers.

376. 1976Edit

Capua Power Station, start tade goods: 2+28+(23-5:15+16)

Find Corinth [9] defended by Engineer.

377. 1977Edit

Start new inland cities south of Ostia and south-west of Neapolis.

378. 1978Edit

Amphibious Warfare > Navigation

'Roma builds Sun Tzu's War Academy, starts Power Station: -1+24+(22-0:20+19)

First elite howitzer rolls southward.

379. 1979Edit

Neapolis factory, starts Power Station: 1 profit +13+(14-3=4+7)

Capua starts Dockyard.

380. 1980Edit

Tarquinia builds Michelangelo's Chapel, starts Hydroelectric Dam: 4+10+(18-3:13+9)

Second howitzer sets up inland west of Paestum.

381. 1981Edit

Navigation > ship design (for troop transport with maximum armor and artillery)

Disarm Corinth [5].

382. 1982Edit

Capua Dockyard, starts Cruiser despite cost.

Sparta [6] plus engineers (who will go inland, possibly for a link to Corinth then a new city); do more of them: 0+6+0.

Capture Corinth [4]; and it's not coastal.

383. 1983Edit

Roma Power Station, start Dockyard: 0+32+(22-0:20+19) (and will then have two turns of 24 with more trade).

Aquileia new city south of Ostia: 1+1+0.

Tarracina new city near Neapolis: 2+1+0 but should soon add a resource.

384. 1984Edit

New Destroyer 184/368/4.5, Arty, carry 4, cost 224. Research Astronomy.

Ostia builds 3rd howitzer, starts Power Station.

Tarquinia [11]: 4+13+(18-3:13+9)

385. 1985Edit

Paestum builds Eiffel Tower, starts Power Station: 3+22+(29-5:22+21)

Corinth takeover complete, sell aqueduct, start Town Hall: 0+6+0.

Rifleman finds British Ironclad north-east of Corinth. Curtains, probably, but very valuable info and may save a city by damaging ship.

386. 1986Edit

Roma Dockyard, start Cruiser: 4+24+(26-0:22+24)

Casinum new city on river in middle of main drag: 1+1+0

387. 1987Edit

Astronomy > (focus Electronics) Physics

Capua [14]: 2+32+(25-6:18+16)

Athen [3]: 2+2+0

Ercolanum Town Hall, start barracks: 1+2+(1-0=0+1)

389. 1989Edit

Temple of Zeus has been destroyed. What a pity; could have been useful.

Ostia Power Station, start Library: 0+28+(18-3:13+9)

Tarquinia [12]: 3+16+(18-3:13+9)

Neapolis Hydroelectric Dam, start aqueduct: 1 profit +18+(14-3=4+7)

Sparta [4] plus engineers, start Town Hall: 0+4+0

390. 1990Edit

British Ironclad further damaged by infantry north of Alba Longa: 72%. It dies before reaching Alba, and howitzer gains 30% experience (useless for an elite unit). Now - do they have more?

Physics > Theory of Gravity

Paestum Power Station, start Observatory: 3+30+(29-5:22+21)

Capua Cruiser, starts another.

Tarquinia Hydro, starts sewer system; 1 profit +26+(16-3:11+8)

Cruiser finds a bit more land and hopes there's no ironclad near.

Empty British galleon possibly looking to be killed: we could, with downside and no upside.

391. 1991Edit

Second ironclad gets howitzer and has one stripe but is down to 24%, just a fraction over what it needs to kill another howitzer on open ground.

Roma [15]: 4+26+(28-0:24+25)

Find Byblus [12] with ordinary defense.

392. 1992Edit

Ostia Libray, start howitzer (and send the northern one south-east): 0+28+(18-3:13+13)

Corinth Town Hall, start temple: 3+3+(6-4=1+1)

Capture Byblus [11].

Third ironclad near Alba Longa [2].

Phoenicians gone: from 1800-1870 they were top known nation in population; about 100 AD their territory was top; military power was above ours from 1760 till they lost Athens (except when we briefly spiked about 1890); tech was not competitive: Tactics, Explosives, Ballistics, Amphibious Warfare, but no Code of Laws, Bridge Building, Railroad, or Steel.

394. 1994Edit

Paestum [17]: 2+34+(30-5:22+22)

Neapolis aqueduct, start temple: 3+14+(14-3=4+7)

Alba Longa Town Hall, start barracks: 0+2+(2-1=0+1)

Howitzer finds two nasty Brit galleons east of Byblus, sinks the one-striper.

395. 1995Edit

East howitzer dies - they had another nasty one.

Theory of Gravity > Atomic Theory

Roma Cruiser, starts another

Tarquinia sewer system, starts Hanging Gardens.

Pompeii factory, starts engineers

Byblus takeover complete: start engineers: -2+4+0

396. 1996Edit

British cut Alba down to [2].

Roma [16]: 0+36+(26-0:22+24)

Capua [15]: 0+38+(25-6:18+16)

Edo factory, start hydro: 1+12+(7-2=2+3)

Byblus [10]: 0+4+0

Sink one-stripe ironclad at Alba.

Tax up to 50%: cash 369+1, research 78.

397. 1997Edit

British warships in Pompeii Inlet.

Capua Cruiser; start Destroyer.

Neapolis temple, start harbor.

Howitzer at Pompeii sinks healthy ironclad.


British produce several more ironclads at Pompeii and destroy all defenders but don't bombard.

Neapolis [9]: 3+16+(15-3=6+6)

Pompeii [6] plus settlers: 0+10+(8-1=4+3)

Sparta Town Hall, start howitzer: 0+5+(5-3=1+1)

Cruiser sinks ironclad and 64/32 near Pompeii

399. 1999Edit

Brits land five or more horses (50/25/2.5Arty) at Byblus; one disarms it. Sell aqueduct and cash up production.

Paestum Observatory, start infantry: 2+17+(30-5:29+36)

"We have contact to the British now".

British capture Byblus [8].

400. 2000Edit

Kill two British horsemen.

See C-evo_test_Book_31/3rd_100_turns

See C-evo_test_Book_31/5th_100_turns

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