See C-evo test Book 31/4th 100 turns

See C-evo test Book 31/6th 100 turns

Hanging GardensEdit

401. 2001Edit

Tarquinia builds The Hanging Gardens, starts Library: 4+20+(20-4:18+8)

Paestum infantry, starts Magellan: 2+34+(30-5:29+36)

Neapolis harbor, starts marketplace: 4+12+(15-3=6+6)

402. 2002Edit

Atomic Theory > ground unit research for top defenders

Roma Cruiser, start howitzer

Tarquinia [13]: 0+30+(16-3:15+6)

Pompeii [4] plus engineers, do more: 0+6+(6-1=3+2)

Capua destroyer, starts another

Neapolis [10]: 4+14+(17-4=7+6)

Tarracina [3]: 3+1+0

404. 2004Edit

Tarquinia Library, start howitzer:

New defenders resist almost anythingEdit

405. 2005Edit

NEW Infantry: 44/176/1.5 Overweight, Mil Acad, cost 60

Corinth [5] plus temple, start new infantry: 0+7+(7-4=2+1)

Three cruisers head out from Pompeii.

British capture Corinth [4] - they had more forces just out of sight.

406. 2006Edit

Edo Hydro, start new infantry

Neapolis marketplace, start barracks: 4+14+(17-4:10+6)

All ships now travel fasterEdit

407. 2007Edit

Paestum builds Magellan's Expedition, starts howitzer.

Ercolanum [3] plus barracks: start new infantry: 0+4+(2-1=1+0)

Destroy Corinth and two Brits.

408. 2008Edit

Roma new inf, starts engineers

Neapolis [11]

Casinum Town Hall, start courthouse: 1+2+(2-1=1+0)

409. 2009Edit

Roma [14] plus engineers, start The Lighthouse: 3+24+(26-0:29+19)

Capua [13] plus settlers, start Newton's College: 0+32+(22-5:20+12)

Tarquinia howitzer, starts new inf

Neapolis barracks, start theater: 1 profit +18+(17-4:10+6)

Pompeii [2] plus settlers, starts barracks: 0+2+(2-0=1+1), and vacated

British destroy Athens.

410. 2010Edit

Paestum howitzer, start Superhighways.

Sell a few buildings in doubtful places, then START REVOLUTION

411. 2011Edit

Sink ironclad near east island.

New GovernmentEdit

413. 2013Edit

We are a MONARCHY.

Cash 888-2, research 99. But when we start moving people it changes: 888+41, research +139. It's all those extra sea trade units. And Newton is only 8 turns away. So tax 40%, cash 888+5, research 168.

414. 2014Edit

Electronics > Mass Production; our tech graph has passed Egypt's

Tarquinia new inf, start engineers

Beneventum new city, third along the main drag: 1+1+0

Talk to Egyp, get Conscription for Electronics

415. 2015Edit

Tarquinia [12] plus engineers: start the Hoover Dam: 3+30+(20-0:18+18)

416. 2016Edit

Two more ironclads out east; one sinks a cruiser.

Neapolis theater, start sewer system: 7+14+(23-1;13+13)

Boost for coastal tilesEdit

417. 2017Edit

Roma builds The Lighthouse, starts Superhighways: 5+41+(35-0:31+31)

Ostia keeps producing new infantry: 0+39+(16-0:13+15)

Paestum Superhighways (9 more trade), start howitzer: 1 profit +48+(44-1:38+78)

Mass ProductionEdit

418. 2018Edit

Mass Production > Theology; Neapolis and Tarquinia share a mercury tile.

Roma [15]: -1+57+(34-0:31+30)

Edo cathedral, start aqueduct: 8+8+(12-2=4+6)

Americans ending friendship

Americans on the warpathEdit

419. 2019Edit

Theology > University

Capua builds Newton's College, starts Destroyer: 2+45+(32-1:27+56)

Neapolis [12]: 4+20+(27-1:15+32)

Sparta new infantry, start temple: 3+6+(5-1:2+4)

Tarracina Town Hall, start 4+2+(4-0:2+4)

Find Brits on land that was western Egypt. Six die but two of our ships head home for recovery.

Tax down to 30%: cash 906-30; research 462.

Americans predictably declare war on us. With about half our population and not much extra technology, they may regret that.

420. 2020Edit

University > Plastics

Roma Superhighways, start University: 1 profit +55+(37-0:24+78)

Paestum Howitzer, start University: profit 1 +45+(44-1:29+180)

Tarracina 4: 3+8+(7--:2+8)

British have howitzers 128/32/2/5, arty. Its first one near Sparta died a virgin.

Talk to Japanese: get Alliance. They don't want Mass Production. They have 4 cities, having lost 2 to us and 3 to the Brits, who are besieging Osaka; Jap territory extends to Antarctica, as does the Americans'. Japs have done no sea exploration nor found any American cities, but they have a tank across the border looking for one.

Talk to Egyptians: seems we are unworthy to have an alliance with them, and they are not giving us Economics even for Sanitation and Refining. Brits and Americans may swallow them up!

Cash 867-30, research 470 (which looks as if it will give us two fully new (and four half-ready) advances in every 3 turns).

421. 2021Edit

American tank 93/62/2.5 arty, cost 80. American riflemen 31/93/1.5 (not arty), cost 40. They surely have stronger units in reserve, with Robotics and Composites??

Americans capture Osaka [6] and turn to Edo.

422. 2022Edit

Plastics > Composites

Sell stuff from Edo, where the new arty is badly damaged.

Neapolis sewer system, start library.

Ercolanum new infantry, to go to Edo; start another.

423. 2023Edit

No damage at Edo; brits show several empty transports west of Egypt.

Composites > (focus Laser) Economics

Roma University, start Destroyer: 5+45+(42-0:29+130)

Paestum University, start howitzer: 1 profit +45+(44-1:29+268) - handy thing, Observatory!

Edo [8], start new infantry, sell hydro: 2+14+(9-2:2+10)

424. 2024Edit

Little or no damage. New British Infantry: 64/96/1.5, arty, cost 72

Capua Destroyer, start University.

Aquileia [3]: 3+1+0? - no, 2+2+0 for one turn

425. 2025Edit

Lost exploratory cruiser west of Sparta.

Economics > Robotics

Neapolis [13]: 5+22+(30-1:13+40)

Aquileia Town Hall, start temple: 3+1+(4-0:1+6)

Japanese capture San Francisco [7]! - then vacate it

426. 2046Edit

Robotics > Miniaturization

Ostia another new infantry, starts Mfg Plant: 0+36+(165-0:11+32).

Paestum Howitzer, starts Mfg Plant.

Neapolis Library, starts Mfg Plant: 5+22+(30-1:13+60).

Americans retake SF [6]. British ironclad kills an old infantry outside Sparta at great cost.

427. 2047Edit

Miniaturization > The Laser (which will maximize our ground strength until we start future tech)

Casinum [3]: 3+2+(4-0:1+6)

Saturnia new speculative city north of Ercolanum: 1+3+0

Tax briefly down to 10% to get The Laser next turn: cash 1106-122, research 810.

428. 2028Edit

The Laser > Ground unit research

Roma [16]: 4+45+(43-0:9+174)

Capua University, start Mfg Plant: 2+41+(32-1:6+126)

Japs are sending a 132/88/2.5 to San Francisco.

Tax up to 30%: cash 993-42, research 670.

429. 2029Edit

New Marines 272/272/1.5, arty, overweight, cost 135 (line). Research Computers.

Roma Destroyer, start Mfg Plant.

Neapolis [14]: 1 profit +40+(28-1:12+56)

Tarracina [5] just too early: 3+2+(5-0:2+6)

Hoover DamEdit

430. 2030Edit

Computers > Rocketry

Tarquinia builds Hoover Dam, sell hydro, start Mfg Plant

Tarracina temple, start granary: 6+2+(6-0:2+8)

432. 2032Edit

Rocketry > Advanced Rocketry

Paestum Mfg Plant, sell Power Station, start Research Lab: 1 profit +69+(44-1:29+268)

Capua [14]: 0+50+(33-1:22+98)

Talk to Egyptians, get Literature for Rocketry.

433. 2033Edit

Advanced Rocketry > Nuclear Fission

Roma [17]: 1 profit +53+(41-0:27+130)

434. 2034Edit

Sparta [5] plus tenple: 8+0+(8-2:2+8)

435. 2035Edit

Nuclear Fission > Nuclear Power for ship speed

Roma Mfg Plant, sell Power Stn, start Research Lab:

Ostia Mfg Plant, sell Power Stn, start Sewer System: 3+14+(17-0:11+36)

Capua Mfg Plant, sell Power Stn, start Research Lab: 0+77+(33-1:22+98)

Neapolis Mfg Plant, sell hydro, start Offshore Platform: 4+45+(30-1:13+60)

Tax to 20% to speed Nuke P: 1362-98, research 782

436. 2036Edit

Nuclear Power > Naval research

Paestum Research Lab, start howitzers: 1 profit +69+(44-1:20+408)

Eastern Destroyer sinks ironclad and flees from second one.

Ships stronger, faster, cheaperEdit

437. 2037Edit

New Battle Ship 248/496/5.5(+2), carry 4, radar, artillery, cost 342 line). Research The Corporation.

Edo howitzer, start engineers: 2+11+(9-2:1+12)

Tarquinia Mfg Plant, start University: 0+69+(18-0:9+42)

Ercolanum new infantry, start Trade Goods: 2+2+(3-1:0+4)

Disarm (American) Osaka [4]; Brits likely to enter it first.

438. 2038Edit

The Corporation > (focus Space Flight) Combustion Engine

Roma Research Lab, start Military Academy (paying 28 to finish): 1 profit +86+(41-0:18+198)

Ostia Sewer System, sell Mil Acad, start University: 3+40+(17-0:6+42)

Capua Research Lab, start Battle Ship line: 0+77+(33-1:13+156)

Aquileia [4]: 4+2+(6-0:1+10)

Brits have scattered from Osaka: our new infantry and howitzer are a fearsome combination! Capture (American) Osaka [3].


We have built 21 of the new infantry (44/176) and not lost a single one. Isolated cities can still build them, but our much stronger marines (272/272) will gradually take over from them. They will significantly augment the still useful but now weaker howitzers (220/44/2.5) and our strongest unrestricted defenders, the old infantry (124/93).

439. 2039Edit

Combustion Engine > Flight

Roma Military Academy, starts line of Marines: 3+80+(43-0:20+204)

Neapolis Offshore Platform, start University: 0+81+(25-1:7+56)

Sparta [6]: 0+14+(6-1:1+8)

440. 2040Edit

Flight > Advanced Flight

Edo [6] plus settlers (who scuttle off northwards), start Factory 3+3+(8-1:1+12)

Tarquinia University, start Research Lab: 3+54+(23-0: 11+80)

Tarracina Granary, start factory: 6+2+(6-0;1+10)

Casinum granary, start temple: 3+2+(4-0;1+6)

Egy talk: we get Communism for Flight

441. 2041Edit

Advanced Flight > Space Flight

Neapolis University, start Research Lab: 0+81+(25-1;7+84)

Tarracina [6]: 0+15+(10-1;2+14)

Osaka takeover complete; sell library, start (optimistically) Town Hall: 4+2+0

442. 2042Edit

Space Flight > Smart Weapons

Roma [18]: 2+77+(44-0;20+210)

Ostia University, start Research Lab: 3+54+(17-0;6+62)

Edo [7]: 4+3+(10-2;2+12)

Pompeii [3]: 3+2+(4-0;1+6)

Americans have hardened missile launcher 216/54/2.5, arty, fanatic, cost 135 line.

443. 2043Edit

Smart Weapons > Refrigeration

Roma builds first Marines (elite), continues

Paestum does another howitzer then starts Space Port

Capua first Battle Ship and will do more.

Tarquinia [14]: 2+57+(21-0;9+76)

Casinum [4]: 1+5+(6-0;1+10)

444. 2044Edit

Neapolis Research Lab, start Superhighways: 0+81+(25-1;7+114)

Destroyer disarms York [11] and still has 55% health - no ironclads close to home?

Cash drain too high: tax 50%: 671-16, research 678

445. 2045Edit

Refrigeration > Philosophy

Ostia [13]: 0+69+(16-0;18+36)

Tarquinia Research Lab, start Superhighways: 3+57+(21-0;24+60)

Corinth had Uranium

Sink 3 ironclads at no risk. Last turn we sank one that had killed an engineer.

York was back to 12 but unguarded, so it's now 8.

446. 2046Edit

Philosophy > Impulse Drive (by mistake)

Ostia Research Lab, start Superhighways: 0+69+(16-0;18+48)

Neapolis Superhighways, start Bank: 3+66+(32-1;24+90)

York now [4].

447. 2047Edit

Brits finally get it all together and destroy Osaka (and its infantry and howitzer).

Saturnia new infantry (green), start Town Hall: 1+1+0.

York down to [2] and Destroyer moves into safer water. Sink ironclad at Alba.

448. 2048Edit

Impulse Drive > Synthetic Food

Ostia Superhighways, start Supermarket: 2+72+(26-0;29+78)

Paestum Space Port (which, naturally, doubles all bonuses on tiles), start Supermarket

Edo [8]: 1 profit +12+(9-2;4+6)

Tarquinia Superhighways, start Stock Exchange

Neapolis Bank, start Bach's Cathedral

449. 2049Edit

Ostia Supermarket, start Harbor (for its pond): 3+72+(26-0;29+78)

Paestum Supermarket, start MIR Space Station: 0+75+(42-1;47+240)

Pompeii [4]: 4+3+(6-0;3+6)

Aquileia [5] and temple, start granary: 5+3+(8-0;4+8)

Small setbackEdit

450. 2050Edit

Americans get their act together and capture Edo; then the Brits take it: [2].

Synthetic Food > Literature

Roma [19]: 4+59+(44-0;49+132)

Ostia Harbor, start barracks: 4+59+(30-0;33+90).

Pompeii barracks, start marketplace: 4+3+(6-0;3+6)

Start cashing in at Ercolanum and Saturnia. But with the arrival of a Marine we restart growth at Alba Longa.

Uranium near coast away to the west; now British territory.

451. 2051Edit

Literature > Material Technology 1

Ostia barracks, start offshore platform (which will cost 2 per turn but return 3 resources now)

Sparta factory, start Mfg Plant: 0+42+(6-1;3+4)

Casinum temple, start aqueduct

Find Brits' Uranium city: Changchun [12]; reduce it to [7]

Find London!!! [12] - now [10]; destroyer has 3 stripes but only 2% health; they get him next turn.

Now bloody McAfee Security Scan pops up and tricks me into wasting a few "years" of work on this page, including description of destruction of Sparta.

All is revealedEdit

457. 2057Edit


MIR Space Station:

Borsippa [9] (far to the south of what was Corinth) has Cobalt, but we might do better setting up on East Island north-east of Alba Longa. Nanjing [12] (across sea east of Byblus) has Mercury but we have our own. Changchun (as already noted, far to the west of Neapolis) has Uranium, and might be a better target than trying to re-establish near old Corinth (PS, as you will read below, our first attempt with two Battle Ships and seven alpine marines failed after half a dozen turns; but we will have much stronger forces if we go there again).

We (popn 146, territory 522, tech 95%) have 14 marines (272/272, overweight), 15 infantry (44/176, overweight), 6 howitzer (220/44/2.5), 7 infantry (124/93), 8 Battle Ship (248/496, *7.5), 1 Destroyer (184/368, *6.5, about to be recycled) (* includes Magellan)

British (popn 724 - they have been top since about 1750; territory 1910; tech 64%) have 184 Infantry (64/96) (some fanatic), 150 howitzer (128/32), 55 cavalry (50/25/2.5), 86 riflemen (50/50), 14 dragoons (48/16/2.5), 7 ironclad (368/184/4.5), 30 transport (0/276/4.5), 9 galleon (64/32/3.5), and sundries. Lots of transport east from south China to Egypt and north from Babylon etc. to the Byblus Peninsula. Nearest transport to Alba and Izumo is at Babylon. Their military technology includes Mobile Warfare, Automobile, Steel, Amphibious Warfare, Magnetism, Explosives, Tactics, but no Mass Production, Democracy, Radio, Flight, Electricity; they are researching The Republic. Between Alba Longa and Byblus there are about 60 foot units and probably several hidden howitzers. Alba Longa just needs lots of very strong defenders (with the occasional Battle Ship patrol)!!

Americans (popn 68, territory 218, tech 69%) have 7 missile launchers (215/54/2.5), 7 marines (108/162), 4 riflemen (31/93), 2 tanks (93/62/2.5), no ships. We should try to capture and use their cities. They are threatening British Nagoya, which is great, but we can start at their north-west end.

Egyptians (popn 8, territory 50, tech 68%) have 1 tank, 1 rifleman, 1 ironclad; Alexandria is likely to fall within 10 turns. Our ships could be very well placed to play major role in taking it over.

Japanese (popn 15, territory 94, tech 60%) have 3 riflemen. Recently annoying the Americans and seem not to interest the British.

We need a stronger ground unit that is not overweight.

Beneventum Town Hall, start temple: 3+1+4-0:2+4)

Aquileia granary, start cathedral: 5+6+6-0;2+8)

458. 2058Edit

Material Technology 1 > Ground unit research

Ostia [14]: 3+67+(31-0;36+114)

Pompeii [6]: 5+5+(11-0;4+14)

New strong alpine marinesEdit

459. 2059Edit

New marines 234/156/1.5, arty, alpine, 1st strike, power of will, cost 153 (line). Research Mat Tech 2

Ostia builds Shinkansen Express, start new Marines

Roma [21] with morale 20, continue old marines for a while: 2+64+(46-0;54+168).

Paestum [18]: 1 profit +75+(45-1;54+312)

Tarracina Mfg Plant, start cathedral: 4+51+9-1;3+10)

Aquileia [6]: 0+12+(7-0;3+8)

460. 2060Edit

Egyptians gone.

Paestum finishes howitzer, starts new marines, as do others

Alba Longa [3]: 3+4+0

461. 2061Edit

Tarquinia [15]: 5+59+(34-1;39+120)

Tarracina [7] and cathedral, start aqueduct: 5+51+(10-1;4+10)

462. 2062Edit

Pompeii [7]: 5+6+(14-0;6+16)

Capture (British) Alexandria [2].

463. 2063Edit

Tarracina aqueduct, start library: 5+51+(10-1;4+10)

Ercolanum sees Americans arrive and Brits retreat.

Casinum aqueduct, start cathedral: 1+9+(9-1;3+10)

464. 2064Edit

Pompeii marketplace, start library: 5+6+(14-0;9+16)

Capture (British) Byblos [6] (in northern Egypt) with the ship that was exploring in the last picture and took its old infantry through a minefield in western Egypt

465. 2065Edit

Ostia [15]: 1 profit +71+(30-0;36+108)

Tarquinia [16]:

Tarracina [8] and Library, start university: 4+59+(13-2;4+20)

Alexandria takeover complete: 1+11 (trade goods using manganese) +0 - and we have the previous owners' pollution debit!

466. 2066Edit

Material Tech 2 > MT3

Pompeii [8]: 0+12+(12-0;7+14)

Beneventum [4]: 4+8+(6-1;2+6)

467. 2067Edit

British recapture Byblos [4].

Capua [16]: 1 profit +77+(38-2;42+132)

Neapolis [13] plus engineers, start supermarket: 3+48+(32-1;36+114)

468. 2068Edit

Roma [22]: 0+72+(46-0;54+168)

Tarquinia [14] plus engineers, start Leonardo:

Neapolis supermarket, start trade goods: 4+42+(34-1;39+120)

Tarracina University, start Research Lab: 4+59+(13-2;4+30)

Alba Longa Town Hall, start temple: 4+2+(4-0;2+4)

Aquileia [7] plus cathedral, start factory: 2+17+(8-0;3+10)

Tax down to 30%: cash 1026-11, research 1210

469. 2069Edit

Neapolis [14]: 3+56+(34-1;30+128)

Recapture Byblos [2].

Saturnia welcomes howitzer and two new marines.

470. 2070Edit

Alba Longa [4]: 3+4+(7-1;2+8)

471. 2071Edit

Tarracina [9]: 1 profit +60+(21-3;5+58)

Saturnia feeliong secure starts Town Hall: 2+4+0.

472. 2072Edit

Material Technology 3 > "New unit design (Ground)"

Roma ends its line of old marines, sells mil academy, and starts engineers.

Tarracina Research Lab, start Superhighways: 0+78+(16-2;4+60)

Byblos takeover complete: 1 + 3 trade goods

Paestum starts military academy.

473. 2073Edit

Marines Mark III - 490/392/1.5, overweight, cost 189 line; they have guns on their shoulders. Research Mat Tech 4

(We could have a ship 830/664/7.5 costing 450 or a plane 306/51/12.5 costing 224)

Roma [20] plus engineers, start supermarket

Paestum Mil Acad, start newest marines: 1 profit +72+(45-1;39+372)

Tarquinia [16]: 4+68+(34-1;30+138)

Pompeii library, start aqueduct: 0+12+(12-0;6+24)

Beneventum temple, start granary: 5+2+(6-1;2+6)

474. 2074Edit

Brits kill newest Jap city.

Tarquinia builds Leonard's Chapel (diving our research the expected boost), starts trade goods: 4+68+(34-1;30+138)

Roma Supermarket, start engineers: 3+49+(46-0;42+192)

Saturnia [4]: 1+8+0

Tarracina superhighways, start marketplace: 3+63+(22-3;6+78)

Casinum [7] plus cathedral, start factory: 8+4+(12-1;3+16)

Capture Elephantine [4]

Tax down to 20%: cash 1215-25, research 1446

Brits retake Elephantine [2]

475. 2075Edit

Roma [18] plus settlers, start Glider!: 4+47+(44-0;27+210)

Neapolis [15]: 2+68+(34-1;21+156)

Beneventum [5]: 5+9+(8-1;1+12)

Tarracina marketplace, start bank: 3+63+(22-3;6+90)

Destroy Elephantine, capture Pi-Ramesses [5], thanks to Egyptian railroads.

Disarm Changchun.

Brits destroy Nagasaki.

We capture a city with UraniumEdit

476. 2076Edit

Material Tech 4 > MT5

Roma glider, start another.

Capture Changchun [10], using two Battle Ships and seven alpine marines.

Brits destroy Ercolanum and its three occupants.

477. 2077Edit

Roma 2nd glider, start trade goods.

Paestum first of the newest marines

Saturnia (with several reinforcements close) Town Hall, start temple: 2+6+(6-2;1+6)

Tarracina Bank, start courthouse: 3+87+(19-3;9+78)

Casinum [8]: 0+12+(13-1;2+20)

Aquileia [8]: 2+9+(11-1;2+13)

No sign of Brits near Changchun except the engineer who has kindly drained a swamp for us.

478. 2078Edit

Tarquinia [17]: 3+69+(35-1;21+162)

Tarracina courthouse, start colosseum: 0+78+(27-2;15+120)

Pi-Ramesses takeover complete, start temple: 0+6+0

479. 2079Edit

Changchun takeover complete, start cathedral: 5+9+0

Alba Longa temple, start coastal fortress: 3+4+(7-1;1+10)

Clusium new city on river junction south of main group: 2+1+0

480. 2080Edit

Roma [18]: 3+48+(45-0;27+216)

Ostia [16]: 2+72+(31-0;18+150)

British capture Satsuma (the only decent city the Japs had since our alliance). In the same turn they get Shimonoseki, the last Jap city.

No allies leftEdit

481. 2081Edit

Japanese gone.

Material Technology 5 > MT6 (though we could have gone for a mobile 472/354 ground unit - almost as much defense as the latest overweights)

Road/river line reaches Saturnia and Izumo.

Pompeii aqueduct, start factory: 5+7+(17-0;4+42)

Beneventum granary, start factory: 0+17+(6-1;1+8)

Tarracina [10] plus colosseum, sell cathedral, start supermarket: 0+81+(28-2;15+126)

482. 2082Edit

Pompeii [9]: 5+8+(20-0;6+48)

Tarracina supermarket, start barracks: 4+66+(33-2;18+150)

Casinum [9]: 10+4+(10-2;3+22)

Arretium new city on large harbour south-west of main group: 7+2+0

Changchun loses a defender on a hill: must have been two attackers. Start selling stuff in case we lose there.

483. 2083Edit

Roma barracks, starts engineers.

Tarracina barracks, start sewer system.

Americans destroy Izumo.

Abandon Uranium, for nowEdit

484. 2084Edit

Roma engineers, start newest marines: 4+40+(43-0;27+204)

Saturnia temple, start barracks: 1+8+(5-1;1+6)

Tarquinia engineers, start trade goods:

Beneventum [6]: 1+18+(8-1;1+12)

Changchun is down to one Battle Ship, so sell barracks and evacuate.

Alba Longa [5]: 2+6+(8-1;1+12)

Casinum [10]: 11+4+(17-2;3+24)

Aquileia factory, start mfg plant: 1 profit +26+(10-0;2+16)

Signs of British retreat from Pi-Ramesses; railroad very useful (as at Alba) for quick out-and-back for experience points.

Brits get Changchun and send ground units to find ship.

485. 2085Edit

Tarquinia [16]: 3+69+(34-1;21+156)

Neapolis [16], start engineers: 1 profit +72+(34-1;21+156)

Pompeii [10]: 0+15+(13-0;4+3)

Tarracina sewer system, start trade goods: 4+60+(35-2;21+156)

Pi-Ramesses temple, start Town Hall: 1+9+0

486. 2086Edit

Material Tech 6 > Ground unit design (max defense but not overweight)

Roma [18]: 3+44+(44-0;27+210)

Neapolis [14] plus engineers: 2+58+(34-1;21+156)

Casinum [11]: 11+5+(19-2;3+28)

Puzzle: hardened Battle Ship attack strength 248 i.e. when undamaged is 372 but reduce by 6% to 350; tries to attack an American hardened marine 108/162 on a prairie, who should have a defense value of 243, but I get the mysterious suicide diagram that has 243 at top, 372 at left, 94 at bottom, and 100 at right. Why is 350 v 243 suicide?

487. 2087Edit

4th lot of marines (holding machine gun at waist - SAME picture as the alpine marines) 256/384/2.0, arty; cost 189 (line). Research recycling.

Tarquinia starts building 4th marines (but the first will be six or more turns coming unless we incorporate oldies). Ostia continues with the alpine marines for now; we should assemble them (veteran or elite if possible) for a wave attack on America when we have enough newbies to follow up.

Tarracina [11]: 3+69+(36-2;21+162)

Roma starts building 4th marines.

Americans seem to have undeserved success near Saturnia.

488. 2088Edit

Recycling > Mat Tech 7

Arretium [3]: 8+2+0

Casinum [12]: 4+13+(20-2;4+28)

Roma switches to Recycling Center

Tarquinia ditto.

Ostia ditto - we have 27 alpine marines, which may be enough.

Neapolis and Tarracina start Recycling C

489. 2089Edit

Saturnia barracks, start factory: 2+6+(6-2;1+6)

Babylon was [12] but is now [8] after losing cavalry and ironclad!

Egypt looking more secure with reinforcements, so Alexandria starts normal growth and Town Hall: 4+0+0

490. 2090Edit

Ostia [17]: 0+75+(33-0;21+156)

Paestum [19]: 1 profit +75+(46-1;27+432)

Babylon has been reduced to [2]

491. 2091Edit

Tarquinia [17]: 2+69+(39-1;24+180)

Ur was [9], is now [3]

492. 2092Edit

Ur has revored to [3] and something has hit our ship but is back to [2] as ship leaves

Uruk down from [12] to [9]. And we have a man sailing to capture one or more of these ports, which should cause some sad losses of ships and anything carried on them.

493. 2093Edit

Roma [19]: 2+42+(46-0;27+222)

Ostia recycling center, start Mil Acad

Tarquinia Recyc, start trade goods

Neapolis Recyc, start trade goods

Arretium [4], 5+6+0

Tarracina 12] and Recyc, start Airport: 2+77+(37-3;21+162)

Casinum max size needing sewer system but we'll finish factory

Alexanria [3]: 6+0+0

Pi-Ramesses [6] and Town Hall, start cathedral: 2+9+(10-4;1+10)

First Mk III marine (490/392) has reached Saturnia; older ones are moving south with some alpine marines and old infantry.

Uruk is cut from [10] to [6] safely.

Capua ends Battle Ship line (currently 19 and looking as if they rule the seas), starts Recycling Center

494. 2094Edit

Material Tech 7 > Air unit design (we could design 1110/888 ships costing 594)

Paestum ends line of very strong Mk III marines (490/392), sells Mil Acad, and starts Recycling

Beneventum factory, starts cathedral: 2+34+(8-1;1+12)

Alba Longa Coastal Fortress, start factory: 2+6+(8-1;1+12)

No enemies seen around Egypt this year or last year.

Uruk down to [2]

495. 2095Edit

New Jet Fighters255/51/12.5 +1 fuel point, cost 224 (line). Research Mat Tech 8

Roma Recyc, start engineers

Ostia Mil Acad, starts newest marines (256/384/2.0 arty)

Akshak cut from [12] to [6]

Building air unitsEdit

496. 2096Edit

Roma [17] plus engineers, start trade goods: 3+40+(44-0;27+210)

Capua [17]: 2+70+(40-2;24+180)

Arretium Town Hall, start temple: 5+7+(5-1;1+6)

Tarracina Airport, start Algae Plant: 1 profit +113+(31-2;18+138)

Destroy Uruk, cut Akshak to [2]

497. 2097Edit

Pompeii factory, start mfg plant: 0+30+(13-0;4+30)

Beneventum [7] and cathedral, start aqueduct: 7+22+(12-2;2+16)

Tarracina Algae Plant, starts line of Jet Fighters: 14+83+(36-2;21+162)

Casinum factory, start sewer system: 2+25+(20-2;4+28)

Aquileia Mfg Plant, start aqueduct: 2+18+(13-1;2+20)

498. 2098Edit

Capua Recycling C, start engineers: 2+70+(40-2;24+180)

Saturnia [5]: 1+9+(7-2;1+8)

Tarquinia [18], start engineers: 3+78+(39-1;24+180)

Tarracina [13]: 13+89+(37-3;21+162)

Destroy Babylon, head for Nara.

499. 2099Edit

More 64/96 fanatics have landed in western Egypt, but that ship won't repeat the trick.

Paestum Recyc, start trade goods: 1 profit +71+(46-1;27+432)

Capua [15] plus engineers, start superhighways: 3+50+(38-2;21+174)

Tarquinia [16] plus engineers

Clusium [3]: 4+1+0

Capture Nottingham [10]


Material Technology 8 > MT9 (but we could design overweight 740/592/1.5)

Neapolis [15]: 1 profit +72+(34-1;21+156)

Beneventum [8]: 7+24+(13-2;2+18)

Tarracina [14]: 12+102+(37-3;21+162)

Aquileia aqueduct, start supermarket: 0+45+(13-1;2+20)

Alexandria [4]: 0+21+0

York was [11]; we capture it [8]

See C-evo test Book 31/4th 100 turns

See C-evo test Book 31/6th 100 turns