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Camp (Civ5)

An Ivory Camp in Civilization V

Game InfoEdit

Basic hunting improvement. Requires Trapping.

  • Constructed on:
    • Bonus resources: Bison, Deer (no need to remove forest)
  • Access:
  • Effect:
    • +1 20xProduction5 Production on Bison and Deer; +1 20xGold5 Gold on luxury resources
    • +1 additional 20xGold5 Gold after researching Economics
    • +1 20xFood5 Food with Goddess of the Hunt Religious belief


The Camp is used to improve Bison, Deer, Furs, Ivory, and Truffles. It provides extra 20xProduction5 Production when built on a bonus resource and extra 20xGold5 Gold when built on a luxury resource.

Note that building a Camp does not remove the forest from a tile.

Historical InfoEdit

Hunting wild animals is one of the first ways in which ancient Man harvested the resources of the world around him. A hunting camp allows access to deer, fur, truffles, and ivory resources.