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Ground unit

A/D 4/1
Moves 1
Cost 20
Upgrades to Cannon
Required technologies


Required resources


Other attributes


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The Catapult is a ranged unit in Civilization Revolution.

Unit AnalysisEdit

The Catapult is the first artillery unit in the game. Like all other combat units, 3 of them can be formed up into an army, and like all artillery types, its attack is much greater than its defense. This makes it very good at attacking cities, especially when in an army or with upgrades or both.

Unless it is stacked with a defensive unit like an Archer or Pikemen, the Catapult is very vulnerable to attack. Unlike in Civilization V, units can be stacked together to maximize defense, so taking advantage of this feature is essential if you want to keep your artillery alive.

Unique ReplacementsEdit

French Catapults are replaced by the Trebuchet.