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For use in Civilization V articles :

Capital5 {{capital5}}

20xPopulation5 {{citizen5}}

20xCityConnection5 {{cityConnection5}}

20xCulture5 {{culture5}}

20xDiplomat5 {{diplomat5}}

20xfaith5 {{faith5}}

20xFood5 {{food5}}

20xGoldenAge5 {{goldenAge5}}

20xGold5 {{gold5}}

GreatPeople5 {{greatPeople5}}

20xGreatWork5 {{greatWork5}}

20xHappiness5 {{happiness5}}

20xMalcontent5 {{malcontent5}}

Unhappiness (Civ5) {{unhappiness5}}

Influence (Civ5) {{influence5}}

20xInternationalTrade5 {{internationalTrade5}}

20xMovement5 {{moves5}}

20xOccupation5 {{occupation5}}

20xProduction5 {{production5}}

20xRangedStrength5 {{rangedStrength5}}

20xReligion5 {{religion5}}

20xScience5 {{science5}}

20xSpy5 {{spy5}}

20xStrength5 {{strength5}}

20xTourism5 {{tourism5}}

20xAluminum5 {{aluminum5}}

20xBanana5 {{banana5}}

20xCoal5 {{coal5}}

20xCattle5 {{cattle5}}

20xDeer5 {{deer5}}

20xFish5 {{fish5}}

20xFur5 {{fur5}}

20xHorse5 {{horse5}}

20xIncense5 {{incense5}}

20xIron5 {{iron5}}

20xIvory5 {{ivory5}}

20xMarble5 {{marble5}}

20xOil {{oil5}}

20xPearls5 {{pearls5}}

20xSheep5 {{sheep5}}

20xSilver5 {{silver5}}

20xStone5 {{stone5}}

20xTruffles5 {{truffles5}}

20xUranium5 {{uranium5}}

20xWheat5 {{wheat5}}

20xWine5 {{wine5}}

20xTrophyBronze5 {{trophyBronze5}}

20xTrophySilver5 {{trophySilver5}}

20xTrophyGold5 {{trophyGold5}}

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