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Chelonia (CivBE)

Resource in Rising Tide

Yields +1 20xProductionBE
Notes None
Cursory study of the anatomy and taxonomy of these creatures has shown their closest relatives on this planet to be the hulking, deadly kraken species found in the water. Comparatively, the chelonia are much smaller (though still quite large), and fairly docile. More pertinent, they have proven easier to kill. Their shells are made of a far more resilient material than any found on earth, and have proven useful for buildings and repairs. Additionally, scientists have found that without the strength and size of the kraken, these creatures have evolved other ways of defending themselves: toxin.

The toxin these creatures produce contains several polypeptides and enzymes, similar to apitoxin. The toxin works by opening and closing chemical pathways in the cell membranes of the body, causing increased metabolic activity, and ultimately necrosis. Interestingly, it has been shown to behave differently at different temperatures. With this control, scientists can conduct enhanced genetic research and potentially make new discoveries.

Game InfoEdit

Chelonia is a basic sea resource that can be improved by a Fishery.

Yield Modifiers: