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Cheops is a Great Person in Civilization Revolution.

Stats Edit

  • Type of Great Person: Builder
  • Tech Required: Masonry

Gameplay Edit

Great Builders can instantly complete production of any item in a nearby city - Unit, Building or Wonder - or they can settle in a city and decrease the time needed to produce new Buildings in that city.

History Edit

Cheops - also known as Khufu - was an Egyptian pharaoh who lived during the twenty-fifth century BC. He is known to have ordered the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza, a massive work which still stands today. Cheops is believed to have led several military expeditions into nearby regions. According to legend Cheops was a cruel leader, and his subjects suffered many hardships during the construction of the great monument.

Fun Facts Edit

The interior of Cheops' burial chamber was lined with red marble brought all the way from Aswan, several hundred miles to the south.

Despite the massive testament to Khufu's rule that remains today in the form of his great tomb, a three-inch (seven cm) statue is the only depiction we have of the great Pharaoh.