Every City has a city radius, an area around the city in which its citizens work. The radius is shown on the City Display and potential radii are shown whenever a settler is active.

A square is part of a city's radius if it is

  • within the city's cultural borders, and
  • within two squares of the city.

Citizens of the city work the squares in the city radius, extracting Food, Shields, and Commerce -- the three basic currencies.

City (Civ3)

Rome is defended by a Pikeman.
To the left of the Pikeman is his green health bar, and beneath that are two white lines indicating that there are more units defending this city.

City screen (Civ3)

The City Screen is where the management of a city takes place.
The Big fat cross is highlighted.

City view (Civ3)

The City View button gives an artistic representation of the city.