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The City Center is a district in Civilization VI.

Game InfoEdit

Serves as the core district of a city, and thus is built automatically upon founding with a settler. The city's radius is defined as three tiles extending from the hex containing the City Center, and like city tiles in earlier games, this district allows the player to manage the city UI. As the City Center is still considered a district, any districts constructed next to it will gain an adjacency bonus.

The City Center possesses health and a defense value, and if walls are present, can perform a ranged attack against intruders. If the city center falls to invasion, the city in its entirety is considered captured.

Civilian units will be spawned here upon production or acquisition. If no Encampment district exists, military units will spawn here as well. If the city is founded on a coastline, naval units can be created here even without a Harbor district.


The following buildings can be constructed in a City Center:

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