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Civ Cast is a weekly Civilization-themed podcast by Kyle Dempster Studios. The first episode was published on September 17, 2016. The podcast is hosted by Kyle Dempster and Michael "Mike" Hebert. The show focuses entirely on Civilization VI.

How to listenEdit

The podcast is available in a few different services, listed below. Note that new episodes may appear to different services in somewhat different times, so if you cannot see it in, say, Google Play yet, check out Stitcher instead, etc.

Civ Cast is also on Twitter.


Episode 1: Welcome (September 17, 2016)Edit

The length of this episode is 53:50.

  • 02:25: Kyle and Mike introduce themselves. Kyle describes himself as a casual player with some 500 hours of Civ5, whereas Mike says he's more of a "min-maxer" with some 1300 hours of Civ5.
  • 05:45: Breakdown of the newest published civs: Kongo, Norway and Greece
  • 07:25: Mike and Kyle reveal the civs they are the most excited about. Mike picks China and Aztecs (after his compulsory first game as America), Kyle's first choice will be England
  • 09:35: City-states briefly discussed
  • 11:45: Religion and the religion video are discussed
  • 14:00: Kyle and Mike select their dark horse (possibly unexpectedly good) and "light horse" (underwhelming) civs. Kyle's dark horse is Germany and his light horse is the Scythian civ. Mike's underwhelming light horse is Norway and his dark horse is India.
  • 22:10: Lengthy discussion about the map, Districts, and Tile improvements, as well as how information is displayed in Civ6 vs. in Civ5, where lots of data was "hidden" in sub-menus of sub-menus.
  • 35:55: City-states and Envoys discussed again in the context of bonuses they provide to Districts and your civilization
  • 42:15: Discussion about specialized cities and tile adjacency bonuses to Districts
  • 46:40: Final thoughts and closing notes

Episode 2: Let's talk Rome (September 25, 2016)Edit

The length of this episode is 45:15.

  • 03:35: Minimum system requirements discussed
  • 05:15: Rome discussed
  • 06:35: Tech tree and Civics tree
  • 12:15: Rome again
  • 23:50: War
  • 34:55: Housing and amenities
  • 38:00: Modding

Episode 3: When in doubt, drop a nuke (October 1, 2016)Edit

The length of this episode is 45:33.

  • 02:45 Sumeria discussed. Neither Kyle nor Mike is too impressed with it, but they remark it might be a good civ in multiplayer, continuing the discussion around the theme of multiplayer and joint war.
  • 11:35: Arabia is discussed: Kyle is not big on Religion so he's not excited about it at all, while Mike thinks Arabia is awesome and pitches it to Kyle.
  • 17:15: Game of "pitch this civ": Mike throws Germany to Kyle and asks him to pitch the civ in one minute as if it was the best civ ever. Kyle then asks Mike to pitch Norway.
  • 24:45: Arumba's Let's Play Civilization VI Rome videos discussed.
  • 29:00: Nukes and IGN's nuke video discussed.

Episode 4: Let's play a game (October 8, 2016)Edit

The length of this episode is 50:05.

  • List of contents to be done

Episode 5: Greece has multiplied (October 15, 2016)Edit

The length of this episode is 53:00.

  • 02:00: Gorgo and the concept of multiple leaders discussed
  • 09:00: Discussion: will you select random civs into your first game, or will you pick your enemies?
  • 12:40: Firaxis Civ6 AI Battle Royale (Oct. 19 on Twitch) discussed
  • 17:25: Listener feedback is read, and Kyle and Mike reveal their Steam handles: kyledempster7 and Themariners10 respectively
  • 22:05: Kyle and Mike discuss their hours in game and how many years they've actually been playing Civ
  • 26:20: Christopher Tin and the new theme song, and the music in general, discussed
  • 33:05: Self reflection: Civ Cast and podcasting in general are discussed
  • 35:00: What is the one thing that you are most excited about in Civ6? Kyle picks the Civics tree, Mike picks the government system.
  • 38:45: Mike says he despises the new movement system, Kyle does not judge it yet. Movement and city combat discussed.

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