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Civics are a new concept in Civilization VI. They encompass a variety of non-military and non-scientific aspects of the game, allowing for a player to concentrate on things like cultural development and diplomacy, instead of just researching the latest military tech. Civics also allow the development of advanced forms of government. There are 50 civics in the base game, with some not being needed to progress through to the end of the tree.

The Civics Tree Edit

Civics are organized in a research tree, very similar to the scientific technologies tree from previous games. In fact, this technology tree has been split in two in Civilization VI, but whereas progressing through the technology tree requires scientific development, progressing through the Civics tree requires cultural development. Progress on individual Civics may be boosted by fulfilling an Inspiration requirement, similar to eureka moments in the technology tree. For a list of individual civics, see below.

It is now fully possible for a civilization to develop along these lines, and still win the game without bothering with developing science. This allows for an entirely new focus in the game.

Developing Civics will also unlock special new game items, called Policy Cards, which can be put together to form your civilization's Government. In addition, Civics can unlock new units, buildings, districts, and wonders.

Policy Cards Edit

The Policy Cards are the actual representations of the social orientation of your nation. Each Policy Card represents an effect, which is activated when you place the card in the respective slot in your Government. (For more info on how to do that, please see the Government article.)

There are four types of Policy Cards, which distinguish the general area of the effect; each one has its distinct color:

  • Military (red color)
  • Economic (yellow color)
  • Diplomatic (green color)
  • Wild (purple color)
Name Type Description Obsoletes Obsoleted by Tech Era
Survey Military Double experience for recon units None Native Conquest Code of Laws Ancient
God King Economic +1 gold and food in the capital None Scripture Code of Laws Ancient
Discipline Military +5 Combat Strength when fighting Barbarians None Native Conquest Code of Laws Ancient
Urban Planning Economic +1 production in all cities None Colonial Offices Code of Laws Ancient
Ilkum Economic +30% production towards builders None Serfdom Craftmanship Ancient
Agoge Military +50% production towards Ancient and Classical melee and ranged units None Feudal Contract Craftmanship Ancient
Caravansaries Economic +2 gold to all trade routes None Foreign Trade Ancient
Maritime Industries Military +100% production to all Ancient and Classical naval units None Foreign Trade Ancient
Maneuver Military +100% production to all Ancient and Classical light and heavy cavalry units None Chivalry Military Tradition Ancient
Strategos Wildcard +2 Great General points per turn None Military Tradition Ancient
Conscription Military Unit Maitenence reduced by 1 gold per turn, per units None State Workforce Ancient
Corvée Economic +15% production towards Ancient and Classical wonders None Gothic Architecture State Workforce Ancient
Land Surveyors Economic Reduces the cost to purchase a tile by 20% None Early Empire Ancient
Colonization Economic +50% production towards settlers None Early Empire Ancient
Inspiration Wildcard +2 Great Scientist points per turn None Mysticism Ancient
Revelation Wildcard +2 Great Prophet points per turn None Invention, Frescoes Mysticism Ancient
Insulae Economic +1 housing in all cities with at least 2 specialty districts None Games and Recreation Classical
Charismatic Leader Diplomatic +2 infulence points per turn towards earning City-State envoys None Political Philosophy Classical
Diplomatic League Diplomatic The first envoy you send to each City-State counts as 2 envoys None Political Philosophy Classical
Literary Tradition Wildcard +2 Great Writer points per turn. None Drama and Poetry Classical
Raid Military Yields gained from pillaging are doubled for improvements None Military Training Classical
Veterancy Military +30% production towards Encampment districts and buildings for that district None Military Training Classical
Bastions Military +6 City defense strength, +5 City ranged attack strength. None Defensive Tactics Classical
Limes Military +100% production towards defensive buildings None Defensive Tactics Classical
Natural Philosophy Economic +100% Campus district adjadcency bonuses None Recorded History Classical
Scripture Economic +100% Holy Site district adjadcency bonuses God-King Theology Classical
Naval Infrastructure Economic +100% Harbor district adjadcency bonuses None Naval Tradition Medieval
Navigation Wildcard +2 Great Writer points per turn. None Naval Tradition Medieval
Feudal Contract Military +50% production towards Medieval and Renaissance melee and ranged units Agoge Feudalism Medieval
Serfdom Economic Newly trained builders gain 2 extra build actions Ilkum Feudalism Medieval
Meritocracy Economic Each city recieves +1 culture for each specialty district it contructs None Civil Service Medieval
Retainers Military +1 amenity for cities with a garrisoned unit None Civil Service Medieval
Sack Military Yields gained from pillaging are doubled for districts None Mercenaries Medieval
Professional Army Military -50% discount on all unit upgrades None Mercenaries Medieval
Trade Confederation Economic +1 culture and +1 science from international trade routes None Mercenaries Medieval
Merchant Confederation Diplomatic +1 gold from each of your envoys at City-States None Medieval Faires Medieval
Aesthetics Economic +100% Theater Square district adjadcency bonuses None Medieval Faires Medieval
Medina Quarter Economic +2 housing in all cities with at least 3 speciality districts Insulae Medieval Faires Medieval
Craftsmen Economic +100% Industrial Zone district adjadcency bonuses None Guilds Medieval
Town Charters Economic +100% Commercial Hub district adjadcency bonuses None Guilds Medieval
Traveling Merchants Wildcard +2 Great Merchant points per turn. None Guilds Medieval
Chivalry Military +100% production to all Medieval, Renaissance, and Industrial light and heavy cavalry units Maneuver Divine Right Medieval
Gothic Architecture Economic +15% production towards Medieval and Rennaissance wonders Corvée Divine Right Medieval
Native Conquest Military Combat victories over units from earlier eras provide gold equal to 50% of the combat strength of the defeated unit Discipline, Survey Exploration Renaissance
Colonial Offices Economic +15% faster growth for cities not on your original capital's continent Urban Planning Exploration Renaissance
Invention Wildcard +2 Great Engineer points per turn. Revalation Humanism Renaissance
Frescoes Wildcard +2 Great Artist points per turn. Revalation Humanism Renaissance
Machiavellianism Diplomatic +50% production towards spies. Spy operations take 25% less time. None Diplomatic Service Renaissance
Wars of Religion Military +4 combat strengtht when fighting civilizations that follow other religions None Reformed Church Renaissance
Simultaneom Economic Doubles faith yield from Holy Site district buildings None Reformed Church Renaissance
Religious Orders Economic All religious units +5 religious strength in theological combat None Reformed Church Renaissance
Logistics Military +1 movement if starting turn in friendly territory None Mercantilism Renaissance
Triangular Trade Economic +4 gold and +1 faith from all trade routes Canaverseries Mercantilism Renaissance
Rationalism Economic +100% science from Campus district buildings None The Enlightenment Renaissance
Free Market Economic +100% gold yield from Commercial Hub district buildings None The Enlightenment Renaissance
Liberalism Economic +1 amenity to all cities with at least 2 speciality districts None The Enlightenment Renaissance

List of Civics in Civilization VI Edit

Ancient Era Edit

Classical Era Edit

Medieval Era Edit

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Information Era Edit

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